DATE:  November 21, 2012
TO:  Provost's Council
FROM:  Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee
RE:  OSU Honorary Doctorate Nomination and Commencement Speaker Solicitation

The Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee is requesting nominations for the OSU Honorary Doctorate degree. The recipient of the Honorary Doctorate will also serve as the Commencement Speaker during graduation ceremonies. Nominees should be distinguished educators, scholars, scientists, business people, creative artists, reformers, or humanitarians whose accomplishments are recognized as "making a difference" well beyond the bounds of their formal discipline; that is, to the broader audience of society both nationally and internationally. Their recognition is intended to honor them as individuals and also to contribute to the stature and visibility of Oregon State University. Note: Although OSU emeritus faculty are technically eligible to be nominated to receive an honorary doctorate, their "impact" must be of extraordinary social significance to be considered for this honor. Conferral upon "one of our own" will occur in only the rarest of circumstances.

An ad hoc committee screens nominations and forwards their recommendations to the Provost. The Provost and the President review the recommendations and forward their selection(s) to the Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee for final review. Should your nomination be selected, members of the ad hoc committee will request that you provide further materials and a signed original letter of nomination.

A brief nomination for initial screening must include:

  • A one-page letter of nomination identifying the individual, affiliation (complete nominee address and email) and clear explanation of the broad contributions to society of the nominee, as well as area(s) of achievement which conveys the impact of the accomplishments;
  • A brief bio and/or curriculum vitae; and
  • The name, phone number, email address and position of the nominator(s).

Submit one hard copy and/or one electronic copy of the completed nomination packet by February 11, 2015 to:

Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee
c/o OSU Faculty Senate Office
107 Gilkey Hall
Corvallis OR 97331-6203
Submit via email to:
This is an important function for Oregon State University and an opportunity to recognize outstanding contributions by individuals and disciplines. We ask that you publicize this request to your faculty, staff, students, and retirees.

Please note: All nominations are to be considered confidential. In particular, it is requested that nominations not be discussed with the nominee. Nomination material for the successful recipient becomes University property and will not be returned to the nominator.

List of Previous Recipients