11/18/2015 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Willamette West Seminar Room – 3rd floor Valley Library
Event Description: 

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.


1. Welcome & Introductions


2. Approval/Edits of October Minutes

  • Approved.


3. Discuss the creation of a subcommittee of the AAC to look at First-Year Advising Syllabus - Kerry K. & Brett J.

  • Document attached
  • Currently no council that is looking at first year experiences.
  • We have defined what learning looks light through FY syllabus, but no assessment is in place for it.
    • Should there be more institutional efforts towards assessing that?
      • could be representatives from each department (like advising technology council). Also representative from STAR.
      • could report back to AAC
  • Would this group look at second year experience, even if CHA and maybe elsewhere is looking at it?
    • Not sure yet.
  • General consensus that it is a good idea.
    • Solicit colleges for representatives and potential chair of committee, and liaison in AAC.
    • Maybe Jeff is liaison from AAC to council
    • Goal to get start January 2016
  • Motion to approve the Sub-Committee examining the First Year Advising Syllabus.
    • Approved. no opposition or extensions


4. Registrar Updates/Questions

  • “Process New” for checklist notes
    • Currently does not allow mydegrees to refresh automatically. When you save a note, it doesn’t show up on mydegrees unless you click “Process New.” This has happened since the new update in August.
      • Effects students because they can’t see the notes that we write in MyDegrees for them
    • How soon does this need to be fixed?
      • We could craft a petition or grant to get some of these issues fixed. Might fast track an increase in server space to make the tool work the way it should.
    • Can we update all notes from August 15th until the present?
    • Rebecca has no answers. But has information to go back and do some research.
  • Other
    • Schedule Planner
      • Could we get the planner to know about level restrictions?
        • We can educate the students on level restrictions.
      • Might do promotion for usage in winter term.
    • Decided to not move forward with Associate Registrar candidates. Will update AAC with next steps.
  • Registration timeframe between midterms
    • Currently tough trying to fit all students between midterms and registration period. Tough this year with Veteran’s Day, specifically.
    • Like to be able to talk with students about midterm grades, could greatly influence an advising conversation. Really important for first term, first year students.


5. Other, good of the order, announcements

  • Jeff
    • Launched non - degree, distance students orientation. It is required.
      • includes academic integrity. PIN will be sent to them via email upon completion.
      • should not create more work for advisors, less if any.
      • degree-seeking students are required to complete orientation in order to meet with advisors, who then get a PIN.
    • Looking for more success counselors, positions are posted in OSU outlets.
  • Brock
    • Movement and organizational changes within COS.
    • Shifting to role as Coordinator for University Success and Engagement in COS.
    • Looking for Interim Head Advisor.
    • Looking to batch all chem midterm grades in MyDegrees
  • Louie
    • Should holds such as HAVEN and health services impede a student’s ability to register for classes? Are there other ways they can be held accountable and to ensure they complete them?
      • Why weren’t we told that these type of holds were going to be on there until it happened?
      • Ideas for students to be aware of information without an academic hold.
        • first year experience class to go over holds
        • 2 day orientations for TR students
        • Pop up in MyOSU
        • Review of communications about holds
        • Can’t get football tickets, access dixon, eat at dining halls
        • Can’t see their grades
      • Currently, certain holds do not impact registration, they impact seeing grades
        • Rebecca will send spreadsheet that outlines this
      • Perhaps the only holds that impact registration are ones that are academically related
        • consequence is more relevant to nature of the hold
        • Conduct, STAR, tuition bill could be some of these holds that are related
  • Upcoming Advisor Related Meetings:
    • December 9 - AAC - Willamette East
    • December 15 - Advisor Town Hall
    • January 13 - AAC - Willamette East