12/09/2015 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Valley Library Willamette Seminar Room-East
Event Description: 

The Academic Advising Council will meet from 1:30-3:00 PM in The Valley Library Willamette Seminar Room-East.

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.


1. Welcome & Introductions


2. Approval/Edits of November Minutes

  • Strike the word “syllabus” with first year advising in the minutes.
  • Approved as amended.


3. First Year Advising Subcommittee - Kerry

  • Additional document passed out - First Year Advising Subcommittee Invite
    • Invitations will be sent out Winter Term
  • Amendments?
    • “ identify and address prescient issues…”
  • Subcommittee will reach out to registrar as needed, no representation needed.
  • Edits will be made to document and sent to AAC chairs


4. Second Year Advising Syllabus - Brett

  • Goal is to have agreements on learning outcomes for second year students, similar to first year advising syllabus.
  • Retaining more students from year 2 to 3 greatly enhances their persistence in graduation
  • Concerns
    • Can be challenging to get through a lot of the first year advising syllabus without meeting with them regularly. Doing so with a second year could prove to be more challenging w/o mandating meetings for students to get their PIN.
    • Hard to identify specific courses that could be on this “syllabus” similar to WR 121, COMM, etc., while also having a balance of major courses. (WR II is one that could be on there)
    • No consistent advising appointments in 2nd year across campus. This is where a lot of the FY Advising syllabus guidance takes place.
      • Conversations could be held at end of first year about some of these second year learning pieces.
        • Could give them things to work on then and then have conversations at end of 2nd year about their process and how they’ve worked towards completing outcomes.
        • applying to pro school an outcome?
    • Who is a “second year” student? Who falls under this category? TR students? Is it middle years?
    • Outcomes might change depending on college.
  • Other questions: What are factors that we need to look at to ensure students are retained from 2nd to 3rd year? What is our advising plan for each of the four years?
    • What are our benchmarks at completing 90 hours, 135 hours, etc. to progress towards completion and graduation? What do we want them to complete by these times?
  • First year advising syllabus committee created the syllabus with the idea in mind colleges would create their own 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year track to supplement this. Not necessarily create a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year syllabus.
  • Could this conversation be leverage to get more FTE?
  • Connectivity and Identity could be two pieces that we focus on in second year advising. These two traits relate to retention.
  • Second year seminar-relates well to high impact practices.
  • Do we want this initiative to be out of CHA, a subcommittee, the AAC?
    • Could be broader than Advising
      • Subgroup of AAC and UCSSE
  • National Resource Center of South Carolina has a second year piece like this. UIA maybe has something?
  • Susana wants recommendations for this second year retention piece and how advising plays into it by spring.
  • Brett will create a subgroup invite that we can talk about in January with some of the ideas mentioned.


5. Advising Technologies Group - Rebecca

  • This group is a partnership between Advising and Registrar that works on projects and tests out tools/processes
  • Currently working well on Registrar’s side. Is it working for Advising?
  • Emails that have been sent out to advising have been really helpful. While group may be working on a project, information will still be sent out to advisors.
  • Getting feedback from students is also something on their radar via an assessment tool.


6. Other, good of the order, announcements

  • Announcements
    • Ruth Sterner is departing OSU starting December 31st.
  • Upcoming Advisor Related Meetings:
    • December 15 - Advisor Town Hall
    • January 13 - AAC - Willamette East
  • Adjourned 2:31pm