01/13/2016 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Valley Library Willamette Seminar Room-East
Event Description: 

The Academic Advising Council will meet from 1:30-3:00 PM in The Valley Library Willamette Seminar Room-East.

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.


1. Welcome & Introductions


2. Approval/Edits of December Minutes

  • Approved


3. Advising Technologies subcommittee quarterly report (Ashleigh Anderson)

  • Met as a subcommittee in fall and earlier today.
  • Agreed to do some meta training as a group to promote best practices on how to run reports
  • Talked about making some updates to MyDegrees and Schedule Planner
  • Agreed to start running two meetings a term: Week 3 and Finals Week
  • Clarification was made regarding difference between Templates and Schedule Planner
  • Online major change should be initiated by advisors-don’t need to have banner assigned advisors currently.
  • Conversations occurring about first year designators in banner
    • Current “FY” definition is related to the START attribute
    • Perhaps attach first year indicator to first term attendance that will stick on there for 3-4 terms
      • Can we put that indicator everywhere? Banner especially?
  • We should look at SSC in the future as a partnership with AAC and Advising Technologies subcommittee
  • Enterprise computing is looking at sunsetting the portal
    • Nearly certain that a contract will not be resigned (ends in June)
    • If we wanted to continue using service after June we could but there will be no support for it.
    • If advising community feels strongly about keeping it, should be communicated very soon.
    • Would be helpful if we rolled out a new tool at the time the other one stops
      • No timeline or thought on whether they are looking at a new tool.
      • Would be nice to roll out a new one that can be used at START.


4. LBCC policy changes and how they impact academically suspended students (Louie)

  • If OSU suspension is not upheld, we generally advise students to go to LBCC and get 24 credits to try and transfer over afterwards.
    • LBCC has at times said you can only take 11 credits for first term.
  • LBCC has now made changes. Term application deadline now much firmer. Required to attend orientation. If they don’t meet requirements, they can’t register that term as degree seeking students. They could become a non-degree student and register for 5 (max) that term, and then go through formalized process afterwards to become degree seeking.
  • A student could take a term off, complete requirements, then do 2 terms at 12 credits. Or 1 as non-degree seeking, and then two terms to get other credits.
  • Currently the deadlines align to where a student only has one day to complete paperwork/requirements to be a degree seeking student and take 12 credits the following term.
  • So we need to either…
    • Talk to LB and see if we can make an exception for this population, or...
    • Educate advising community on these changes so we don’t tell students the wrong thing.
  • Can we enroll these students as degree partner students to backdoor this issue?
  • Could we require them to take some sort of time management/academic success at LB in order to come back to OSU?
  • A lot of questions regarding students’ ability to succeed in this type of scenario.
    • We should think about reframing our conversations with students to set them up for success and possibly getting them registered for DPP in case of possible suspension. Have them also go through an orientation.
  • Would be good to know what Chemeketa and Lane’s policies are and if they are changed.
  • Louie will work with Rick about DPP possibility.


5. First-Year advising subcommittee membership (Brett)

  • Still working on this.
  • Haven’t heard from Science, Ag, Athletics, Education, Honors, Pharmacy
    • Let Brett know if you are on this list and if you’d like to be a part of this.
  • Would like to get group formed and meet in January.


6. Academic Performance of Student Athletes

  • Quarterly report for Fall 2015 will be sent to Louie electronically.


7. Other, good of the order, announcements

  • Announcements
    • Financial Aid and grading after first attempt clarifications.
      • None of this information is on Financial Aid’s website.
        • Send an email to Financial Aid to get this information online.
        • Perhaps have a Financial Aid representative in AAC next month.
    • Emma Larkins is returning to NSPFO to serve as interim FYE Coordinator starting Feb. 1st.
    • New Degree Completions Manager hired in Registrar’s office.


  • Upcoming Advisor Related Meetings:
    • February 10 - AAC - Willamette West
    • March 9 - AAC - Willamette East


  • Adjourned @ 2:42pm.