02/10/2016 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Valley Library Willamette Seminar Room-East
Event Description: 

The Academic Advising Council will meet from 1:30-3:00 PM in The Valley Library Willamette Seminar Room-East.

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.


1. Welcome & Introductions


2. Approval/Edits of December Minutes

  • Approved.


3. Chemistry Placement Exam Proposal - Margie Haak (1:35-2:00)


  • Overview: There will be a placement test to get into general chemistry.
    • Currently planning soft rollout for fall 2016, with intention of enforcement of fall of 2017.
      • Everyone will take it next fall, but not enforced.
    • Support course (Chemistry 101) would be strongly encouraged for students who place below recommended level next fall
      • 3 credits. 72 person section.
        • Twice a week, 80 minutes each meeting.
    • Chem 101 will be entry level course at OSU, but with no Bac Core attributes.
    • Placement test will be used to move students out of CH 101 to first term of general chemistry.
    • Chemistry is covering testing costs for all students.
    • Plan is to offer test Thursday of Week 2 of each term. Lots of other times to take it outside of START or before they get to campus.
    • Ch 123 and 233 will be offered fall term to allow for students who start CH 101 in fall and finish chem sequence prior to organic chemistry winter term (331 is offered fall and then also offered spring term-will be able to still be “on track” by end of year 2 regardless of whether they take 101 or not)
    • Would we have to adjust curriculum to allow for extra credits for departments and colleges that require chemistry.
    • Proctored exam.
    • CH 101 will be called Mad Science.
      • prereq. ALEKS score that equates to MTH 111 or higher.
  • Questions:
    • Is Chem 101 becoming a prerequisite to CH 121?
      • Yes.
    • How will it work with score on continuum? Similar to MTH?
      • Will be some levels for classes that students can take.
        • Placement for CH 101, 121, 201, or 231
    • How would AP/IB credit factors into this?
      • It wouldn’t. If they wanted to take chemistry, they still need to take the placement test. Regardless of whether they got transfer credit or IB/AP credit for chemistry courses.
    • If your proposal gets shot down through curriculum process, what is the alternative to encourage success for students?
      • Stick with what we have currently.
    • Can we shrink class sizes down to help other success rates as another idea?
      • Not really feasible for the Chemistry department.
    • When would students take it, and when would they know they need to take it?
      • Students who are going into College of Science needs to take it. Engineering almost the same. We don’t want students who don’t want to take chemistry to take it.
    • Will CH 101 be offered outside of fall term?
      • Yes fall term, probably last three weeks of summer, and currently lobbying for spring term in anticipation to start general chem sequence next fall. Plan to offer each term online, but not physical lecture course winter term.
    • Will CH 101 be listed as a bacc core?
      • No, has no lab.
    • Test be offered online or in person?
      • Both. Currently haven’t gotten far enough to work with DAS on accessibility yet.
    • How long will the test take?
      • 50 or 55 minutes. Will be timed.
    • When will this be offered at START?
      • End of Day 2 - optional.
      • Offer online version prior to START and then offer paper test end of day 2 at START.
    • How far is curriculum up in the process?
      • Up to the liaisons right now.
    • Who is communicating with the students about the placement test prior to START?
      • Question not answered.
    • Could students show up and not realize that they should of or had to take the placement test?
      • Question not answered.
    • Should everyone take it?
      • Question not answered?
    • What’s the difference between 101 and taking 121 in preparation of 231?
      • Question for next meeting.
  • Margie-Any information you can give her around START schedule and policies would be helpful in future planning around the possible test placement.
  • After there is more information on exam and class Margie can come back. AAC will have conversations about communicating with students and what the plan might be.
    • How does this effect START logistics?
      • Communication starts with them when they register April 15th.
        • By April 1st it needs to be finalized for it to be implemented and communicated with START participants.
  • Tabling till March meeting. Understanding why this CH 101 course and placement test is needed for student’s success will be helpful to know moving forward.


4. Creating language around LBCC policy changes regarding academically suspending students (Louie)


  • Do we want to come up with a standard statement for what we want to share?
  • Adding to DPP currently needs students to be in “good standing.”
    • Current interpretation of “good standing” says…
      • If they are suspended, DPP won’t accept student.
      • If they are on academic warning or probation, DPP will accept.
  • We could invite Academic Standing and a couple others to our next meeting. Or should we delegate other people to go have conversations?
    • Jeff, Tyler, and Louie will talk to Rick, people from LBCC, and other parties.
    • Working on tight deadline for March.


5. Registrar Updates


  • MyDegrees update occurred.
    • Might need to allow for a few pop ups for it to work properly.
    • Currently working on the ID flow through MyDegrees.
    • Keep letting Registrar office know about any kinks or needs that should be addressed.
  • Applying for Innovation Grant for assisted funding for some major mapping software that colleges could use across campus.
    • Participating in Phase I currently.
  • George’s last day will be February 19th.
    • Could be back to do consulting work in the near future.
    • Point of contacts will be changing and information will be sent out regarding that.
  • Question: Can you S/U a graduation requirement? (i.e. Foreign Language requirement)
    • An S is a C- so yes.
  • Perhaps in the future a group can convene about communication between advisors and registrars office and the audiences MyDegrees can be useful for. Also can talk about ways to improve aspects of MyDegrees.


6. First-Year advising subcommittee membership (Brett)


  • Kerry, Jeff - Committee Lead
  • Andrea - Committee Chair
  • Tyler, Lindsay, Nicole, Erin, Dyana, Tiffany, Andrea, Marilyn, Ermala, Amy, Sarah, Nick
    • Pharmacy, Athletics, Honors College will wait to be involved after committee gets going.
  • Initial meeting will occur in February.
  • Quarterly reports back to AAC


7. Other, good of the order, announcements


  • Announcements
    • ATS 201 now offered in physical science, bacc core.
    • OSU Cascades - moving to Canvas


  • Upcoming Advisor Related Meetings:
    • March 9 - AAC - Willamette East


  • Adjourned @ 2:47pm