03/09/2016 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Valley Library Willamette Seminar Room-East
Event Description: 

The Academic Advising Council will meet from 1:30-3:00 PM in The Valley Library Willamette Seminar Room-East.

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.


1. Welcome & Introductions


2. Approval/Edits of December Minutes

  • Approved.


3. EOP Math Classes - Courtney Garcia

  • Open to any students
  • EOP, SSS, CAMP students do have priority.
  • Students have to apply to the program; but not necessarily for class access. Please refer directly to the EOP office.
  • WR 115 and 121 are also offered in Fall term


4. TRIO/SSS expansion of opportunities -Michelle Onaka & Shalece Rains

  • Shared about new SSS STEM grant which assists 120 additional students; not just FY students.
  • Works with Peer Mentoring, private tutoring and technology loans
  • This is not just for struggling students; could be too much work or family responsibilities.
  • GPA is not the only metric for academic need.
  • The application looks for 1st generation student status, DAS or low income.
  • Transfer students, veterans, student parents are good candidates for referrals.
  • SSS students cannot overlap with CAMP of EOP for services.


5. Update of LBCC/OSU conversation regarding suspended students - Jeff Malone

  • Rick DeBellis, Jeff Malone, Tyler deAdder, Michele McAllister and LBCC’s Danny Aynes and Katie Windner met to discuss the new LBCC policy and how it will affect OSU students who are suspended.
  • Essentially, LBCC will not admit suspended students, because they do not meet the admission application deadline. This is a student success initiative. It is data driven in that LBCC has determined that students who start the first week of the term, often struggle and perform poorly there. The new reality for advisors and suspended students is that once they are suspended, they will most likely need to sit out a term and then take the following two terms to earn their 24 transferrable new college credits.
  • One solution was to encourage students on probation to become dual enrolled at LBCC. New language will become embedded in the probation letter.
  • Once students are officially DPP, they could work with Angie Klampe from LBCC to navigate the transition at LBCC.
  • Willamette Valley Housing Commission may be helpful in dealing with housing issues.
  • Non –degree status can still be a possibility for up to 5 credits.
  • This policy will become commonplace at rest of Oregon community colleges as well.
  • DPP could be considered by ASC when making recommendations while going through reinstatement process.
  • The Registrar said that Jeff Malone “can have whatever he wants”.
  • The DPP website will need to be updated to reflect policy change.


6. Registrar updates

  • Student forum for Priority registration was March 10 from 12-1.
  • There was discussion about getting written consent for FERPA release for recommendation letters.


7. Announcements/Good of the Order

  • Austin/DPP lab will be available from 12-4 March 25 during Spring term orientation. Quick admits will be possible, but class availability is light.
  • Coffee Talk about COR & Advising was also March 10.
  • Advising Town Hall March 17  in MU Horizon Room
  • NACADA Webinar March 23 in Richardson 107
  • NACADA webinar on Intersectionality April 13 in Richardson 107
  • Chemistry placement is rolling. It will be delivered via Canvas. Advisors can see the score.
  • CH 101 will be offered in 3 sections of 72 seats for fall.
  • A Communication plan for Chemistry placement is TBA.