04/13/2016 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Valley Library Willamette Seminar Room-East
Event Description: 

The Academic Advising Council will meet from 1:30-3:00 PM in The Valley Library Willamette Seminar Room-East.

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.

  1. Welcome & Introductions


  1. Approval/Edits of March Minutes
  • Approved.
  1. Winter report of student athletes’ academic performance by Dr. Kate Halischak
  • Please see attached document.
  • Highlights: 22 student athletes were admitted to Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, one was nominated for Phi Beta Kappa. The WBB team is due to be honored by Pac12 for achievement in APR (Academic Progress Rate)
  1. Winter term Advising Technologies subcommittee by Ashleigh Anderson
  • Work on a new Advisor Student Profile is coming which will include content from Advisor Worksheet, New Student Profile, SAP data.
  • Ability to email directly from MyDegrees now exists
  • Scheduler is officially now Scheduler
  • Online Major change is coming (Rules table may be loosened to get it done sooner).
  • The Button for Degree Audit has been removed from Web for Advisors that used DARS.
  1. First Year advising syllabus updates/recommendations by Jeff Malone
  • The Blueprint for Undergraduate Success has been added to Page 4.
  • The Learning Goals for Graduates have been edited for brevity keeping the intended audience in mind.
  • Page II is focused on “Start your experience”
  • Page III is focused on “Live your experience”
  • The Users Guide is still available
  1. Registrar Updates
  • Commencement volunteers are still needed, from 8 am to 1pm on the field---connect with Sarah Whiteside.
  • Priority registration Forum was held. Notes already distributed to AAC list. A survey or virtual option is being developed.
  • Readmits/reinstatements have previously had no deadlines. They will now have to submit documents at least 2 weeks prior to start of term, for a 2 year gap reinstatement.
  • If they need to get 24 credits for reinstatement, they need to be in by the first day of the new term.
  • This has not been approved yet, but is coming.
  1. Nominations for Academic Advising Chair elect
  • Will take place at May meeting. Think of who would be able to give more cogent, timely updates.
  1. Announcements/Good of the order
  • Commander Ready of NROTC shared a schedule that is attached as well.
  • Jeff Malone shared LBCC probation referral cards for students looking to dual enroll.
  • Leslee Mayers will share information about new Transfer START leaders.
  • COB has 2 Advisor positions
  • COF has 2 .75 positions coming
  • You only have 2 more meetings of my notes left to read.