06/08/2016 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Valley Library Willamette Seminar Room-East
Event Description: 

The Academic Advising Council will meet from 1:30-3:00 PM in The Valley Library Willamette Seminar Room-East.

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.


Updates regarding Undergraduate Research & Research/Arts Fellow Transcript Notations (Sujaya Rao)

Blue cord to wear at Commencement

Transcript Notation Form A – for students who do thesis.  Does not include as much narrative about the thesis since that is already documented elsewhere.  Sujaya is trying to add notation to the form for programs that already require a thesis (e.g. Physics, CEOAS majors, etc.)

Transcript Notation Form B – includes written project description, etc. 

Difference between Research Fellow and Arts Fellow is still unclear.  In years past, students have been allowed to apply for both. 

Sujaya would like to hire an Ambassador from each College.  They will give presentations at recruiting events (welcome week, U-engage, etc) promoting the program.  They will also be trained to do some peer mentoring. 

Summer Research Symposium – intended to capture students who don’t have any other opportunity to present (e.g. URISC).  Hoping to use LInC. 

Alcohol EDU/Haven (Leslee Mayers)

Both modules are two-part and are advertised during START. 

Haven required of ALL students on all campuses.

AlcoholEDU only required of Corvallis students. 

Part 1 takes 90-120 minutes

Sep 7 – all new students receive email notification about this requirement.

Reminders are sent regularly to those who haven’t completed the modules

Sep 21 – module completion is due.  Failure to complete leads to Grade-Viewing Hold (not a registration hold)

Part 2 takes 10-20 minutes

Oct 21 – email reminder for part 2

Nov1 - module completion is due.  Failure to complete leads to Grade-Viewing Hold (not a registration hold)

Community Module – timeline is still in development so we don’t have much info.  It will be online. 

Chemistry Updates (CH 231math perquisites and more) from COS (Tyler DeAdder)

Math PREQ for CH 231

  • Adding MTH 112, 241, 251, etc. as acceptable prereqs will require a CAT II and Chemistry department doesn’t want to try to change that for fall 2016.
  • Override requests go to the Chemweb email address.  Tyler will ask about allowing Head Advisors to do PREQ overrides on CH 231 for students with MTH 111 or higher. 

Un-linking CH 231 and CH 261

  • 231 and 261 are no longer co-requisite.  This is primarily because of students repeating the course without needing the lab. 
  • Students will register for CH 231 lec and rec.  Then they register separately for CH 261 lab, if needed.

Guidelines for Placement in CH 231 (see handout)

  • No real correlation between ALEKS score and CH 231 success rates.
  • SAT and ACT math are better predictors of success in CH 231. 

Progressor Students in the Fall (Leslee Mayers)

Progressor Advisor (Madison Lamb?) has told students who don’t attend June Progressor Day that they should attend the FY/TR START session on September 19th (even though they should actually be attending the INTL START on Friday, September 16th ).  Many have made travel arrangements based on this misinformation – estimate is 60 Progressors who will be at FY/TR START.

September STARTs (Leslee Mayers)

We need to schedule our own rooms for September sessions:


10:45 – 11:45 academic presentation

9/19 FY/TR (and Progressors)

9:45 – 10:45 academic presentation

Election of Academic Advising Chair elect

Nick Fleury (Agricultural Sciences) elected

Announcements/Good of the Order

COS Head Advisor – Heather Arbuckle

MAAPS Advisors:

  1. Jenesis Long
  2. Alexis Terrell
  3. Third person TBD

COF Advising moves to Snell 4th Floor on June 15th