Meeting Date: 
October Meeting
10/12/2016 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
3622 The Valley Library East
Event Description: 

A PDF of the agenda can be found here.

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.


1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Student Life - Dan Larson 
3. New FAFSA Process - Doug Severs
4. Registrar updates
5. ROTC forms - Brett Jeter 


Future Meeting dates: 11/7, 12/14, 1/11, 2/8, 3/8, 4/12, 5/10, 6/14


Attendees: Amas Aduviri, Heather Arbuckle, Louie Bottaro, Mary Chuinard, Lauren Corwin, Nick Fleury, Laura Hampton, Carey Hilbert, Stephen Jenkins, Brett Jeter, Nicole Kent, Kerry Kincanon, Rebekah Lancelin, Dan Larson, Summer Lowery, Jeff Malone, Rebecca Mathern, Leslee Mayers, Michelle Onaka, Kerry Thomas, Kyle Whitehouse

Guest: Doug Severs (Office of Financial Aid)


Welcome and Introduction

1:30pm – call to order, warmly welcomed by L Bottaro.

Bottaro stated future meetings will not follow parliamentary procedure.


Approval of June 2016 AAC Minutes

There were no objections – approved by executive order by L Bottaro.


Student Life – Dan Larson


  1. Purpose, priorities, & philosophy of campus response to assembly (PPP)
  2. Quick Reference Guide – Supporting and Managing Assembly (QRG) 

Larson stated he works within student affairs, currently Interim Dean of Student Life (DoSL).


Dean of Students (DoS) is working on:

  • Freedom of Expression Statement – website available
  • Being forthright in sharing of ideas and have a DRAFT companion document on assembly. This is a response to student interest and organizing based upon similar institutions in being safe and engaged with assembly.
    • Handed out document on OSU PPPs of campus response to assembly and covered priority areas; also have a protocol starting with calling DoS.
    • Handed out QRG on what to do/quick-reference guide on supporting and managing assembly – call to advisors to direct students considering assembly to contact DoSL, inform front desk staff to be familiar with it – considered an important part of educational mission of OSU.
      • K Thomas asked if there will be different treatment towards OSU and non-OSU assemblies? Larson responded: May bring in other experts depending upon situation, protocol will not vary.
      • N Fleury asked if there should be some expectation of notice or timing regarding an assembly? Larson instructed people to call the Department of Public Safety (DPS) or DoSL to get protocol going within the first 10 minutes. DoSL or DPS intends to be fully engaged within 60 minutes with the intentions being non-policing.
      • K Kincanon asked if there were expectations of changes to hand-outs? Larson responded that the first document (PPP) is ready, but protocols may change in terms of engagement.
    • Larson said he is happy to field questions and will be the main contact for the Threat Assessment Team.
    • Teresita Alvarez-Cortez is the main contact for the student care team.
    • B Jeter asked if there will any updates to the student death protocol for advisors. Larson responded that call should be made to the student care team number to put into action existing protocol – Larson suggested having Teresita come to a later AAC meeting.


New FAFSA Process – Doug Severs

  • Severs referred to big change in structure of FAFSA application dates and processing.
    • Moved to October 1 for 2017-2018 – allows more time to file and get information from schools – February 28 for OSU to have application on file (e.g. Oregon Opportunity Grant) – there has been a change to OOG – not first come-first serve – instead, awards will go with lowest EFC first.
      • Went with prior-prior year income – using 2015 income for 2017-2018. This will shorten time needed to complete FAFSA – student will need to update with actual income information (not a problem for 85-90% of families) – will load data in November; Financial Aid Office expects to see more special circumstances, but will see less verification requirements – office hired two new advisors to handle verification and circumstances; not much change in need populations.
  • Oregon Promise Program – does not impact OSU directly, no students grandfathered in from prior years, has hurt a bit for regional universities, working with DPP schools more regarding financial aid.
    • M Onaka asked if Financial Aid is expecting more appeals – can students start submitting now, and are their changes to the filing deadline for work-study consideration? Severs responded that waiting until system is up, likely early January 2017; work-study is also remaining as a February 28 filing deadline.
    • K Kincanon asked if family income is estimated too high, would there be an adjustment for those students? Severs said an adjustment is likely, but it will not be an automatic process.
  • Severs asked if having a Financial Aid 101 session would be helpful? Severs agreed Financial Aid will do something this fall.


Registrar Updates

  • R Mathern had one quick update – MyDegrees is up and running; additional server added that didn’t communicate well, but issues were not a problem with the update.
  • R Mathern then went into detail for AR 13 – being in a single class, or one class at OSU through DPP would still be considered a term “W”.  Academic Regulations Committee did consider it, even with the consequences; if looking at “W” from term on unofficial transcript; if during add/drop period, will not count towards 4 maximum – will appear differently on official transcript.
    • N Kent asked if it still counts as post-baccalaureate/graduate students? R Mathern answered yes, and went into detail that since the year 2000, 7,600 students have term-Ws and there are only 68 students since 2000 with 4 or more.
    • M Chuinard asked if term W count can be with SAP and PACE. R Mathern responded that it will be in the advisor profile (BannerXE).
    • B Jeter stated that AR 12 has qualifier for graduate and post-baccalaureate students – committee may consider to make sure AR 13 states all students for clarification.
    • R Mathern said Registrar’s Office will send to head advisors a list of students with term-W >=2 and also said when a student only has one course – likely approved as petition, same for summer – but it must be petition – use late change of registration form that will likely go through edits again.
  • L Bottaro asked about timeline on online change of major process. R Mathern said the project is in-progress but will be able to report back more at CHA/AAC in November.
  • B Jeter asked about INTL students changing majors and how to know if they are sponsored? K Thomas recommended touching base with Grace Atebe in ISS on way to get notification/protocol.
  • M Chuinard asked about Veterans priority registration? R Mathern said the move had nothing to do with legislation; in 2016, veterans had information to register for START first; quiet until Friday 10/21 – should (but not confirmed) have priority registration for Winter 2017; Oregon policy applies to all veterans; M Chuinard followed up with answer to ask if Registrar’s Office contacts students to let them know they have an updated PIN? R Mathern stated she would ask.


ROTC forms – Brett Jeter

No update


Other Business

  • L Mayers detailed how, on August 2nd, the Community Module did not roll out. It is now supposed to roll out in January, booster session around Halloween for Alcohol EDU and Haven; for incoming class, but might be available to all students – on Agenda for November or December meeting to talk about.
  • L Bottaro mentioned there will be updates from Andrea Nelson – update on FYE subcommittee and Kate on Athletics at upcoming AAC meetings.



Adjourned by L Bottaro Executive Order at 2:50 PM


Future Meeting dates: 11/9, 12/14, 1/11, 2/8, 3/8, 4/12, 5/10, 6/14