01/31/2013 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
109 Gilkey Hall

Topics Review – New

1. General Review of the Academic Regulations to Address Inconsistencies - these will be forwarded by Rebecca Mathern

2. AR 26 & AR 27 – discussion about students seeking degrees in two majors concurrently – Rebecca Mathern

Example issue: a student who has completed the degree requirements for two majors within 180 credits. Terminology in the academic procedures refers to the expectation that students completing two degrees must complete 212 credits (see AR 25 Institutional Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees AR 25.b) (180 credits minimum for the BA/BS) and AR 26a.2 (complete, for each additional degree, a minimum of 32 credits more than the requirements of the curriculum requiring the least number of credits). Also see AR 27 Subsequent Credentials: Minors, Certificates, Options, and Majors. Questions – Vocabulary: Double degree, double major? Is a major based on content knowledge or number of credits? Kreg suggests: What are/should be the credit requirements for completing a concurrently obtained degree in more than one major?

3. Proposal and Discussion to Award a Military Service and Veteran’s Honor Cord at Commencement

Visitors: Kyle Hatch, Julie Stewart, Gus Bedwell, Brian
Honor distinctions are described in the General Catalog: Degrees with Distinction

Academic Regulations Non-substantive Change/Clean-up Topics

4. Consistency in terminology in the Regulations. The “Y” is not listed as an official grade in AR 17 but is referred to as a “Y code.” However, in AR 22 footnote 1 and AR 25 footnote 5, the Y is referred to as a grade.

  • What term do we want to use for consistency? “code” or “mark” or…?

5. Correction? See footnote 1 in AR 20 (Repeated Courses) and AR 22 (Satisfactory Academic Standing for Undergraduate Students). They are essentially the same, but AR 22 includes “W, or Y” in the footnote defining “an attempt” while AR 20 does not.

  • Shall we add “W, or Y” to AR 20 footnote 1 so they read the same?

6. Clean-up. Footnotes are specific to Academic Regulations and, therefore, need to start at “1” (see AR 23 and AR 25 numbering).