02/14/2013 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
109 Gilkey Hall

Topics Review – Continuing

1. Discussion/action: Proposal to award a Military Service and Veteran’s Honor Cord at commencement


  • Should OSU institute a system to award an honor (or recognition) cord at commencement to graduates in military service or who are veterans?*
  • Shall the honor/recognition cord also be made available for OSU faculty and staff who are participating in commencement?
  • Shall we recognize this by placing a notation beside the name of each recipient in the commencement book (suggested a star or flag)?
  • Shall we include a description of this honor/recognition and its r/w/b/ cord in the commencement book?
  • *If approved, please see the supporting documents in the Addendum.

2. Discussion/continued: Double Majors: concurrent; within 180 hours; two colleges


  • Does OSU wish to allow double majors from different colleges?

Topics Review – New


3. Consistency in terminology in the Academic Regulations. The “Y” is not listed as an official grade in AR 17 but is referred to as a “Y code.” However, in AR 22 footnote 1 and (link to AR 25 footnote 5, the Y is referred to as a grade.


  • What term do we want to use for consistency? “code” or “ mark” or…?

4. Correction? See footnote 1 in AR 20 (Repeated Courses) and AR 22 (Satisfactory Academic Standing for Undergraduate Students). They are essentially the same, but AR 22 includes “W, or Y” in the footnote defining “an attempt” while AR 20 does not.


  • Shall we add “W, or Y” to AR 20 footnote 1 so they read the same?

5. Clean-up. Footnotes are specific to Academic Regulations and, therefore, need to start at “1” (see AR 23) and AR 25 numbering)


Attending: Kreg Lindberg, Mark Meyers, Jeff Walker, Rebecca Mathern, Joanne Sorte

ACTION TAKEN: AR Clean-up. Note: Correct the footnotes numbering in AR23 & AR25 to begin numbering at “1


  • Double Major discussion
  • Proposal for recognition of military service and veterans
  • Academic Regulations terminology clean-up


  • Carried forward to March: General review of the Academic Regulations inconsistencies


  • As above “continued”
  • The February 28 meeting is “temporarily cancelled” unless additional topics are forwarded
  • Please keep this space on your calendar until February 25th


1. Review of the Academic Regulations to address inconsistencies: On hold until March.

2. Double Major discussion: Does OSU want to allow double majors in different colleges?

  • The ARC membership identified a desire to provide flexibility for students to attain concurrent double majors from different colleges (presently concurrent double majors must be obtained within one college).
  • It was suggested that if such a plan confounded the tracking of funds to colleges, a student could be asked to identify a primary and secondary major, with funds tracking to the college of the primary major.
  • Discussion also revealed an interest in forwarding to colleges the information that some majors allow sufficient elective credits that students are able to fulfill the requirements of a second major within the 180 credits for graduation. This raises the question of whether some majors significantly overlap, and are the major requirements sufficiently robust.
  • Advisors have noted that through some program mergers and changes, this problem has emerged. There is not a large number of students seeking waivers for the current double major structure, however.
  • Rebecca and Joanne are meeting with the Curriculum Council Feb. 15 to float this topic and hear other ideas.

Proposal for recognition of Military Service and Veterans: Should OSU create a system to recognize at commencement those in military service or who are veterans?

  • The membership discussed the proposal as it relates to the responsibilities of the ARC. It was noted that awarding honors or distinctions for purposes that are not based on academic performance, is not consistent with the academically oriented topics covered in the Academic Regulations. For this reason it was agreed that the Academic Regulations Committee will not recommend the awarding of a Military Service & Veterans Honor Distinction, or listing such recognition on the transcript.
  • However, the Academic Regulations Committee agrees with the spirit of recognizing those who have made significant contribution and sacrifices through their military service, and submit below a recommendation to be approved by the faculty (Faculty Senate) and administration (OSU President and Provost).

Recognition of Military Service
It is proposed that:

  • Oregon State University shall recognize those who have made significant contributions and sacrifices through their military service, by inviting students, faculty, and staff to apply for and wear a Recognition of Military Service Cord (red, white, and blue) during commencement.
  • The office of Veterans Resources shall determine eligibility of students, faculty, and staff to receive the recognition cord.
  • Information about this opportunity shall be widely distributed, including listing in the OSU General Catalog in the section, “Important Graduation Information,” as follows:

Recognition of Military Service

Oregon State University recognizes the significant contribution and sacrifices made by OSU students, faculty, and staff who are military service members and veterans. Students, faculty, and staff may receive a red, white, and blue Military Service Recognition Cord to be worn at commencement.

To apply for the recognition, students faculty, and staff should complete the OSU Military Service Recognition application which is available on the OSU Veterans website ( Applications are submitted to the Veterans Resource Coordinator who will approve the application and distribute the recognition cord.

The Commencement Book shall provide a general notation that the red, white, and blue cord recognizes military service and veterans.