04/30/2013 9:00 am to 10:30 am
109 Gilkey Hall

Topics Review

1. Discussion of the list of Academic Regulations inconsistencies shared by Ric DeBellis (Please see the chart.)
Chart Key:

  • Yellow = potentially “easy” revisions
  • Blue = revisions that may require conversation and more information
  • Green = revisions that seem to need input from

Suggested approach:

  • Triage review/sort of identified AR issues
  • Confirm plan to refer, as needed, to other committees
  • Begin review of short list of potentially “easy” revisions

Potential work session:
2c    Revise to indicate timeline for review of articulation agreements (e.g. annually or “as stated in the agreement” or “periodically”
9b    Consider changing “will be dropped” to “may be dropped”
This is not implemented regularly; is there a need for change in Registrar’s office;
encourage Academic Advisors to implement, or….?
12    Reflection: what happens when a student exceeds the 12-class withdrawal limit
13    How is this impacted by the 12-class limit in AR12?
15    Address phrase “using the standard form” (is there actually a form or is there a process we should refer to?)

Topics Review - New/up-coming
No additional topics are pending at present.

Future meeting dates
As determined.