Meeting Date: 
January 25, 2017
01/25/2017 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Registrar's Conference Room
Event Description: 

A PDF of the agenda can be found here.

A PDF of the moinutes can be found here.

  1. AR 15

Briefing on the work of the Academic Integrity Committee

  1. AR 2

     Point of clarification 


Voting members present: Nancy Barbour, Rosemary Garagnani, Katrina Machorro, Dave Wing
Ex-officio member present: Rebecca Mathern (Registrar)
Guests: John Bailey (Executive Committee Liaison), Noah Buckley (Director of Admissions), Jesse Nelson (Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies)

Note: Kevin Boston resigned from the committee and Nancy Barbour has taken over as chair.

Change to Wording Requested in AR 2

Noah Buckley on AR2: Wants to add “regionally” to “accredited” throughout, to specify Northwest region as different regions have different university outcomes and objectives. Recommended to have definition of “regionally accredited” added to the AR webpage or a link to the definition.

Action: The motion for the revisions was unanimously approved by the Committee.

Updates on AR 15

Jesse Nelson gave update on AR15: The idea for the revision to Academic Dishonesty Reporting Procedures is to have a better and more consistent process (see October 14, 2016 Academic Regulations Committee Minutes). Last year, the Academic Integrity Committee (AIC) was formed. They went to the Executive Committee to discuss the new policy they were thinking about.

Jesse handed out the AIC’s current “process map”/vision for the new process. A big change is that the faculty is pulled off the role of judicator. The idea is to identify about 15 college heads (primarily associate deans) to act as a body/committee of adjudicators to govern and train on the process.

Student conduct is looking into an electronic reporting system to help communication and tracking among colleges and throughout the University.

Next steps: ARC needs to approve the proposed process, then it goes to the Executive Committee, then Faculty Senate (hopefully by their next meeting, which is February 9, so that they can vote on it at their following meeting to be approved for Spring 2017 term).

The ARC will review the proposed policy and process via google doc and edit/agree with via email, or meet if needed.

Next Meeting: TBD, depending on need.

Minutes prepared by Dave Wing