Meeting Date: 
March 7, 2018
03/07/2018 9:30 am to 10:30 am
Event Description: 

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.


Voting members present: Linda Bruslind, Rosemary Garagnani, Dave Wing
Voting member absent: Karen Thompson
Ex-officio member present: Registrar’s Office – Rebecca Mathern
Guest: John Bailey, Faculty Senate Executive Committee Liaison


Further Discussion of Revisions to AR 27 – Subsequent Credentials: Minors, Certificates, Options, and Majors (continued from last meeting)

Dave noted that “regionally” needs to be added prior to “… accredited university …”

Rebecca indicated that any changes would go into effect moving forward, not retroactively.

Discussion of Double-dipping – Should non-major prior coursework be allowed for double dipping?

  • Dave suggested allowing double-dipping of lower-level course work, but not upper-level. Per John Bailey, the upper/lower requirement would be similar to how pre-professional undergraduate programs handle transfer to undergraduate professional programs.

Rebecca wondered if there will be some programs whose faculty think that 15 credits is too onerous a requirement for their minors.

  • All agreed that 15 credits is reasonable, and they would not want to grant an OSU credential with fewer than 15 credits. However, this may come up at the Faculty Senate meeting.

Rosemary said that including minors in the ‘Subsequent Minors and Certificates’ category does not seem logical; there was discussion of this. John agreed, but Rebecca thinks eliminating minors would be difficult – she gave the example of Eastern Oregon University, where students often get a degree at EOU and a minor at OSU. She thinks enrollment would drop and said that a minor is much easier to administer than an undergraduate certificate.

Time was spent reviewing and editing proposed version A:

  1. Subsequent Minors and Certificates (applies to OSU and external bachelor’s)

Section 1. Specifies courses taken must be part of the minor or concentration (not misc. OSU courses with the courses making up the minor all being transferred in.)
Section 2. Add “as well as an overall OSU cumulative 2.00 undergraduate GPA” (Credits that count toward major must be 3.00). (Rebecca has the exact language and will check in with her degree clearance team and send back to committee.)
Section 3. No changes

  1. Subsequent Options and Majors (applies to OSU bachelor’s degrees only)

Section 1. Credits in residency required for option or minor: Do we want to keep “15 credits in residence”? No -- Instead, use: Complete current requirements for option or major and a minimum of 20 upper division credits must be distinct (not applied to prior bachelor’s degree). Note: These students would not get a second diploma, but the additional major or option would be added to their initial transcript.

  1. Can leave as is if we make section b.1 stronger/clear. Clarify “in residence” and “must not apply to the previous baccalaureate degree.”

Section 2. Will match a.2 re GPA requirements
Section 3. OK as is

Linda brought up a prior question about time limits. Rebecca does not want to consider limiting the time between the initial degree and subsequent curricula.

Follow up: Rebecca will clean up the language and send the revised AR to this group again. The Committee will probably not meet in person next week.

Dave asked that the members think about whether the potential revisions to AR 27 affects AR 25 or AR 26. Each should do a quick review to be sure the revised AR 27 does not conflict with other ARs.



Notes submitted by Rosemary Garagnani