Meeting Date: 
January 28, 2021
01/28/2021 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Zoom Meeting
  1. 3:00-3:02 – Welcome, brief self-introductions
  1. 3:02-3:05 – Approve December 1, 2020 meeting minutes
  1. 3:05-3:10 – Working group reportsplease read the report before meeting so we don’t need to take much time on it.
  1. 3:10-3:15 – C3 Membership Update
    • New members: Lindsay Andrews (Education), Grace Doleshel (ASOSU)
    • Still need reps for Science, ROTC. Liberal Arts rep recently had to resign. If you know of suitable candidates, please let your co-chairs know.
  1. 3:15-3:20 – 2020 Carbon Emissions Report official version
  1. 3:20-3:40– C3 Forum Follow-up
  1. 3:40-3:45 – Discussion on the operation of Work Groups  

Guidelines for workgroups and full committee

  1. 3:45 -4:25 – New business
    • Invitation to convert C3 from an Ad Hoc to Standing Committee (see attached, comments by Selina Heppell and Jon Dorbolo)
    • Information session on OSU’s “Path to Carbon Neutrality” to be scheduled in the second half of February.
    • Information item: OSU Capital planning process
  1. Next full C3 meeting date – to be scheduled via Doodle poll.
  1. 4:30 – Adjourn

Voting members present: Marlys Amundson, Lindsay Andrews, Lety Cavazos, Tess Collins, Ed Dever, Grace Doleshel, Jillian Gregg, Keith Jayawickrama, Jacob Putney, Shelly Signs, Brandon Trelstad, Beth Filar Williams
Voting members absent: Amy Bourne, Jon Dorbolo, Michael Freitag, Kim Hannigan-Downs, Jeff Gautschi, Chris Kulah, Leela Magdaleno, Qinglai Meng, Gary Miller, Marianne Vydra
Guests present: Nahuel Guaita, Maddie Moyano, Ralph Reed

Welcomed Lindsay Andrews and Grace Doleshel as new members, and several guests.

December 1, 2020 minutes: Approved

Workgroup Update: CET information session. No other update.

Education – no update. Resource information has not been made public.

GHG report for FY2020: 13% decrease from FY2019. 40% purchased electricity, 37% from cogeneration.

Differences between current year FY2021 (five months through November) from past 3-year average were around 11%. Most savings come from electricity and water use reduction.

What happens when people start coming back to work in their offices? The more modern buildings sense there are occupants and start “waking up”.

C3 Forum Follow up:
Attendance of 200.

We have had enthusiastic input by one Department Head around the area of incentivizing individual units to reduce carbon emissions.

There were comments that the breakdown of GHG between different areas was helpful.

College of Forestry Dean asked Keith after the Forum about including Research Forests carbon dynamics in the OSU figures. Keith gave some input; issue is now at the Dean’s discretion to act on.

Ed Dever: Nice to see Ed Feser input.

Brandon: OSU capital planning now requires stage gates on carbon impacts of projects. There is extensive support by Athletics to make the new Reser Stadium renovation more sustainable. Ed pointed out a bit of a disconnect between a carbon neutral goal on the one hand, and spending $170 million on renovating the stadium on the other.

Brandon: If OSU is going to achieve carbon neutrality, there has to be some allocation of carbon offsets, renewable energy certificates. However these are not the preferred option, the preferred option is actually reducing emissions.

Charging travel offsets to grants and contracts may not always be allowed. After the meeting, Ed undertook to contact OSRAA to find out what the policies are, and there is some willingness to modify the policies.

Transition C3 to Standing Committee: Keith referred members to the various emails between himself, Selina Heppell, and Jon Dorbolo. The positives seemed to greatly outweigh negatives.  The membership was supportive of exploring further with the Executive Committee, and reporting back to the membership at the next meeting for a final decision.

Members were asked to fill out Doodle polls for upcoming meetings (full C3 meetings in March and May, “Path To Carbon Neutrality” in February).

Adjourned at 4:30


Chat from meeting

Pres. Biden outlines his executive order on Climate Change (17 min)

And for completed construction:

Sustainability Office YouTube channel