Meeting Date: 
April 19, 2021
04/19/2021 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Zoom Meeting
  1. Course Proposals
    • ENG 216 – Literature & the Arts
    • PAC 100 – Fitness
    • PAC 105 – Fitness
    • PAC 122 – Fitness
    • PAC 284 – Fitness
    • PAC 285 – Fitness
  1. Update on Baccalaureate Core Revision and Template Discussion

Voting members present: Kathy Becker-Blease, Daniel Faltesek, Andrew Harker, McKenzie Huber, Jack Istok, Matt Kennedy, Rene Reitsma, David Roundy, Justin St. Germain, Rorie Solberg, Kaplan Yalcin
Voting members absent: Heather Arbuckle, Aidas Banaitis, Lori McGraw
Ex-Officio members present: DPD Director – Bradley Boovy; Academic Programs & Assessment – Heath Henry; WIC Director – Sarah Tinker Perrault; Ecampus – Karen Watte
Guests present: Dwaine Plaza


Course Proposals

  • Discussion Needed
    • AG 455/55 – Social Processes & Institutions (SPI)
      • Changing their proposal from SPI to Contemporary Global Issues (CGI). It does seem to fit the newly proposed category well.
      • Missing Ecampus syllabus.
      • CIM proposal needs to be updated as it still reflects SPI, rather than CGI.
      • Focuses very heavily on the United States – it is talked about in a larger issue, but it is lacking international examples for case studies.
        • It does have discussions in a broader, global sense.
      • LO one does not seem to be well covered in the syllabus. It is not clear that they are analyzing the origins – there is not enough evidence to support that it is being discussed.
      • It’s not clear in the weekly outline how the course activities meet the CGI category.
      • How categories 1 and 2 are met:
        • Investigate the global interdependence of agriculture and natural resources and the impact of crises within these critical infrastructures. Examine historical crises and how their impact can effect a multitude of industries and audiences. Explore the implications of global environmental/food crises.
        • Discuss an integrated framework for approaching crisis management and risk communication in agriculture and natural resources to interpret the complex nature of global crises, especially as it relates to working with diverse groups through a risk or crisis situation. Examine crisis communication stages and how to manage each stage effectively with the appropriate communication strategy based on audience values, backgrounds, and perspectives.
          • Motion to send back - update the CIM system questions with CGI content, add Ecampus syllabus and examples in the matrix of how the outcomes are met; seconded. Motion passes with 12 in favor, none against. 2 abstentions.
    • AEC 122 – Social Processes & Institutions
      • The Corvallis campus syllabus is well done, but the Ecampus syllabus is missing the requested details.
        • Motion to rollback requesting assignment detail in ecampus syllabus as already done for Corvallis syllabus and to update CIM fields to reflect what is now in the syllabus. Motion passes with 12 in favor, none against. 2 abstentions.
    • REL 372 – Difference, Power & Discrimination (DPD)
      • Looks like a valuable and interesting course but it doesn’t quite address the DPD outcomes.
      • The assignments seem well fleshed out and have good prompts for the students.
      • Current DPD director feels it does adequately meet the outcomes. Is it explicit in CIM and the syllabus that these outcomes are being met?
      • Last year, DPD had an issue with the course and it was sent back three times before it was sent to the Baccalaureate Core Committee (BCC) to arbitrate it.
      • The second outcome does not seem to be met accurately. Contextually, it seems like it’s met, but it’s not clear on the syllabus.
        • What is in CIM is a response from a previous comment that was in the CPS that is not currently available. APA cannot bring in the response but did state that the submitter had provided a response in CPS that would have likely satisfied the reviewer’s question.
      • Motion to approve, seconded. Motion passes with 12 in favor, none against. 2 abstentions.
  • No Discussion Needed
    • REL/PHL 308 – Cultural Diversity
      • Approved with no discussion needed
    • ANTH 374 – Contemporary Global Issues
      • Approved with no discussion needed.

Mapping Baccalaureate Core Courses

  • Will be discussed at a later meeting.