Meeting Date: 
December 7, 2020
12/07/2020 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
Zoom Meeting
  1. Course Proposals
    • Discussion Needed
      • SUS 375 – Contemporary Global Issues
      • GEOG 106 – Western Culture
    • No Discussion Needed
      • GEOG 105 – Cultural Diversity
  1. Dual-listed Course Reviews
    • HST 202 (201,203)
    • HDFS 201
    • KIN 312

Voting members present: Aidas Banaitis, Kathy Becker-Blease, Kelsey Emard, Daniel Faltesek, McKenzie Huber, Jack Istok, Matt Kennedy, Lori McGraw, Rene Reitsma, David Roundy, Rorie Solberg, Kaplan Yalcin
Voting members absent: Heather Arbuckle
Ex-Officio members present: DPD Director – Bradley Boovy; Academic Programs and Assessment – Heath Henry; WIC Director – Sarah Perrault Tinker ; Ecampus– Karen Watte

Course Proposals

  • Discussion Needed
    • SUS 375 – Contemporary Global Issues
      • Refiling for CGI, rather than Social Processes & Institutions
      • The syllabus is not clear
        • Should be reviewed by the liaisons
          • Specifically should be reviewed by someone in Psychology
        • Learning materials are not sufficient
          • YouTube materials and materials from University of Minnesota
        • Syllabus is not complete
        • Schedule is not complete
        • Still no guarantees for guest lecturers
        • Writing assignment is not sufficient
      • The unit believes the proposed instructor will generate revenue for the college
      • The course has been submitted multiple times with little to no improvement between submissions.
        • The co-chairs will discuss the larger structural concerns about this course with the Executive Committee. It will then be rolled back to the originators citing multiple issues.
    • GEOG 106 – Western Culture
      • Renovating the whole course – changes look good but they add that they are doing story content, which adds value, but the final story is not due until finals week so other students do not get to view the material.
        • There is generation of content through responses to text during the course that all students can access.
          • Note from Michael Harte - The final submissions are curated as part of a spatial anthology of student projects which helps students learn from each other’s interests and research efforts.
      • Differences in assessment of Learning Outcomes between in-person and Ecampus modules.
      • One of the required e-texts is written by the faculty member and requires students to pay for it.
        • There is some conflicting information on the cost of the text – it is listed at $56 at one point and then is noted as being free elsewhere.
          • The text is confirmed as not being a free resource.
      • Is it dipping into topics that could be repetitive for students?
        • Motion to approve; seconded. The motion passes with 10 in favor. None against. One abstention.
  • No Discussion Needed
    • GEOG 105 – Cultural Diversity
      • Meets the learning outcomes well.
      • Two modalities – Ecampus seems straight forward, On-campus meeting times make it a little unclear if it meets the credit hour requirements.
        • It does meet the credit hour meeting requirements
      • Integration of content between 105 and 106
        • Certain parts of the text between the two courses are very similar.
          • Approved with no discussion needed

Dual-listed Course Reviews

  • HST 202 (201,203)
    • Reviewers came to the conclusion that 202 seems to do a really good job of mapping out the DPD requirements and the Western Culture requirements.
      • Uses a common syllabus.
    • 201 does not do as good of a job of showing how it meets both categories. There is no alignment between syllabi and answers on the form.
      • Does not use a common syllabus
    • 201 and 202 use the same thematic concepts to meet Western Culture and then go into DPD under those concepts.
    • These courses are on the Oregon Transfer Map, but it’s not clear if a student transferring in from a community college has met the DPD requirement/category if they took 201 elsewhere.
      • If the BCC does not want courses to count in DPD through transfer then they need to be decertified as DPD at OSU. Otherwise DPD and HST need to take the battle elsewhere to have transfer courses changed to LDT.
        • One option would be to not allow admissions to articulate any transfer courses as DPD and tell head advisors they are not allowed to approve petitions for DPD.
    • There’s a lot of unevenness in the courses in how all three courses meet the DPD requirement.
    • One 201 syllabus is missing.
      • 202 was submitted by a faculty members closely associated with the course
      • 201 and 203 were submitted by one person who is not associated with the courses.
    • What mechanism is being used to ensure that outcomes continue to be met across sections?
    • Are students getting an adequate depth of experience for each category?
    • All three courses state that democracy, liberalism and equality are the themes that get them into the Western Culture category.
      • Democracy is not specifically a Western concept.
    • If a student is taking this course – do they know for which category it’s counting in? If they are taking it for Western Culture and fell it’s more heavily DPD focused, are they getting the experience they expected.
    • These courses will be discussed further during the next meeting.
  • HDFS 201
    • There was not enough time to discuss this proposal. It will be discussed during the next meeting.
  • KIN 312
    • There was not enough time to discuss this proposal. It will be discussed during the next meeting.