Meeting Date: 
February 1, 2021
02/01/2021 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Zoom Meeting
  1. Update on the Baccalaureate Core Director Position and Search – Alix Gitelman
  1. Dual-listed Course Review
    • SOIL 395 – Science, Technology & Society/WIC
    • TA 332 – Literature & the Arts/WIC
  1. Category Review – Contemporary Global Issues
    • Discussion Needed
      • SOC 480

Voting members present: Aidas Banaitas, Kathy Becker-Blease, Kelsey Emard, Daniel Faltesek, Andrew Harker, McKenzie Huber, Matt Kennedy, Lori McGraw, David Roundy, Rorie Solberg, Kaplan Yalcin
Voting members absent: Heather Arbuckle, Jack Istok
Ex-Officio members present: DPD Director– Bradley Boovy; Academic Programs and Assessment – Heath Henry; WIC Director – Sarah Perrault Tinker; Ecampus– Karen Watte
Guests present: Alix Gitelman

Update on the Baccalaureate Core Director Position and Search – Alix Gitelman

  • The position has been approved by the Provost.
  • A search committee is being formed – the search will be internal and posted for three-four weeks.
  • Position description – How can a Bacc Core Director alleviate some of the work of the committee? Can the director be a filtering process for proposals?
    • Short term role in assisting with Bacc Core reform.
    • Pinch points in the long term that the Director can assist the committee with.
      • Someone who can handle processes so the committee can focus on reviews
      • Someone who can develop a process for missing paperwork.
      • Assist with implementation of the new Bacc Core
      • Develop workshops for Bacc Core like there are for WIC and DPD
    • Information feels rather fragmented across the OSU site and resources.
      • Bacc Core Director would work with the scheduling desk and Registrar’s office to ensure information is consistent and up to date.
      • Repairing/developing relationships with Units
    • A ‘champion’ of the Bacc Core who can go out and explain to units why the Bacc Core is important.
  • Who can apply to the position?
    • Open to professional and instructional faculty.
      • 1.0 FTE
  • A search advocate has not yet been brought in.

Dual-listed Course Review

  • SOIL 395 – Science, Technology & Society(STS)/WIC
    • Meets all WIC outcomes and criteria.
    • They cover 9 course specific LOs in addition to the WIC and STS outcomes. Total of 15 learning outcomes.
    • The writing assignments total somewhere around 10K words. It is a lot for students to handle.
    • It seems like some of the writing assignments do not meet STS outcomes.
    • This was a big part of their assessment plan historically, but it seems like it has been more used for WIC in recent years.
    • It does not seem to meet the cross-disciplinary requirement.
    • Assessment is largely around science
      • Motion to decertify in STS and recertify in WIC; seconded. Motion passes with 12 in favor, none against. None abstaining.
  • TA 332 – Literature & the Arts/WIC
    • The only potential issue on the WIC side is that the wording on the writing assignment is somewhat vague in the syllabus.
      • APA noted that the second WIC outcome does not appear to be met adequately.
        • Instruction on how to write for their major seems to be folded in with discussion and review.
    • What discipline are students writing in?
      • Mostly Liberal Arts students in Speech Communications
        • How does it teach students to write in their major?
        • No majors list it as their WIC course.
          • In the sense of degree completion, does it make sense for this course to be a WIC?
          • May not be as accessible to students who do not want to take this course for a WIC credit.
    • Missing verbatim WIC statement
      • Motion to recertify in L&A and decertify in WIC; seconded. Motion passes with 9 in favor, one against. One abstention.

Category Review – Contemporary Global Issues

  • Discussion Needed
    • SOC 480
      • Will be discussed during the next meeting.