Meeting Date: 
June 3, 2020
06/03/2020 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm
109 Gilkey Hall
  1. 2:30-2:40 PM – Introduction to New Curriculum Coordinator – Meilianty Gunawan
  1. Review Updated Timeline
    • Plan questions for Mike Jefferies
  1. 3:00-4:00 PM – Associate Registrar – Mike Jefferis

2:30-2:40 PM – Introduction to New Curriculum Coordinator – Meilianty Gunawan

  • Works in Academic Programs & Assessment
  • In charge of course proposals
  • Can answer questions about the CIM process
  • Received question from originator – approved for on-campus, but wants to get it approved for online, as well. She wants it to be expedited, which would skip the Bacc Core review part of the process. How much deviation from the on-campus syllabus is allowed? Or should she submit it for a brief review by the Bacc Core?
    • Learning outcomes were advised to remain the same.
      • The BCC would like to review these courses; otherwise they come back during the formal review process with issues
        • So long as the learning outcomes and connections are present in the syllabus, it should not be an issue but the committee would still prefer to review it
      • Does the BCC have the bandwidth to review these courses?
      • Ecampus does do their own check when the course is being developed.
        • The BCC would have to develop processes to review courses that are adding a modality
        • An exception to the expedited process for the Bacc Core courses could be implemented to insure expedited courses are remaining in alignment.
          • It could slow the process down of adding Bacc Core Courses to Ecampus
          • Rather than a full exception, it could be a modification to the current exception for bacc core courses only – would not force the course to go through the other channels, it would just go to BCC

Review Updated Timeline

  • Plan questions for Mike Jefferies
    • Some edits since the deadline has been moved back to April 1
    • Mike will help the committee understand what kind of agreement they can come to in regards to the catalog timelines
      • The May 1 deadline does not allow for time to remove courses from the bacc core schedule for summer term, as students are generally already enrolled.
    • No one had any additional questions for Mike; the co-chairs have drafted some questions
    • A cap size on synthesis courses should be enforced during the review process; what processes can be put in place to stop courses from enrolling beyond the cap size.
      • Questions will be added to the form for synthesis course related to the cap and, if it goes over the cap, how do they handle assessment?
    • Additional verbiage on the form regarding writing assignments would be helpful.
    • The amount of FTE required for GTAs could be added as a requirement where it’s clear for submitters.
    • Mike likes the proposed timeline – getting decertifications by April 1 works and it doesn’t take long to make those changes.
      • It could be flexible depending on when the summer registration date is
      • The BCC prefers a hard deadline so that they can communicate with colleges and get everything in place from there.

3:00-4:00 PM – Associate Registrar – Mike Jefferis

  • Next year’s category review and catalog timelines
    • What would policies look like?
      • The schedule desk has no checks in place to double check or flag requests for bacc core courses that are trying to make changes to their course caps. What kind of checks could be put in place? How would the Schedule Desk check? How would the BCC review these requests and determine if the change is appropriate.
      • Can the BCC communicate yearly to remind instructors of criteria for courses?
        • Create a Bacc Core training day event to discuss categories and course submissions.
    • The decision for decertification needs to come before the deadline; by the time we get to May, it doesn’t work well with what’s already in the pipeline – largely that summer registration is open in April.
      • What is the date summer term schedules are due to be added to the summer catalog?
      • Initial courses are due in December, with changes due by January
        • BCC could not meet that deadline
    • If courses are decertified prior to registration opening, it should not be a problem to remove the Bacc Core designator
      • Could cause some issues with Advisors working with students.
        • The BCC will touch base with the Council of Head Advisors to get some perspective on how this will affect advisors and students.
      • How long does it take for the designator to be removed if they’re submitted in April?
        • It is updated immediately and then goes through the process of being communicated through channels to insure the change is reflected in the catalog and at the schedule desk.
        • The changes are not always apparent in the current catalog, though they are updated with the schedule desk and remaining changes will be present when the new catalog rolls over.
      • Can designators be removed in the fall? Can an exception be put in place?
        • Mid-year change
          • There is no way to reflect a term to term change in the catalog.
        • The online catalog is published and then edited and updated, which occasionally causes confusion on what is available.
  • SAPR – capacities and restrictions (as time allows)
    • Reference for Bacc Core criteria and rational
      • The SSR 1000 is rolled out and departments remove/delete anything they don’t want to offer. They have a due date to submit changes
        • Additional changes are not allowed after the due date
      • After room assignments, they open up for additional changes.
        • Some other small change can be changed up through when registration opens
        • Some things the department has the ability to change themselves; this includes enrollment caps.
          • For synthesis courses who should not go above 70, how can the BCC create a policy to stop or require a review for enrollment changes?
            • The schedule desk currently does not have the ability to flag or stop these; these types of changes do not require schedule desk approval.
            • They are developing new software – which has the ability to build rules and validations. Not available yet, but it could be built into the new system to add bacc core attributes without some kind of approval process.
            • In the meantime, the schedule desk could do an error report to see if any bacc core courses with enrollment requirements are attempting to raise the cap.
            • They can also ask questions about the course: is it a bacc core? Does it have certain requirements?
      • Courses need to be accessible – not restricted by college; no excessive pre-reqs.
        • The language about accessibility should be added to other categories
    • Any committee members on a 12-month appointment are welcome to volunteer to work on developing policies for the schedule desk. They will also discuss what term to start enforcing the new policies.

Both ecampus and HC have enacted processes to solicit nominations from students to recognize outstanding teaching in ecampus and honors courses, respectively. Having thought about this for some time now, I think the BCC should implement a parallel process for bacc core. I'm requesting 10-15 minutes to lead a discussion of this to see if there is broad support for the idea in principle. If so, I would work over the summer to flesh out the concept/process to bring back to the committee early this fall for implementation in AY 20/21.

  • How would we decide the process?
  • It would be through solicited student nominations
  • Ecampus and Honors College have designated staff that work on the award process.
  • Could instill some excitement for the bacc core? Could be done categorically. Taken care of after reviews.