Meeting Date: 
March 18, 2019
03/18/2019 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
109 Gilkey Hall
Event Description: 

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.

  1. Category II Reviews
    • WSE 391
    • KIN 312
  1. Category Reviews
    • SUS 103
    • GEO 201

Voting members present: Daniel Faltesek, Filix Maisch, Bob Paasch, Weihong Qiu, David Roundy, Dana Sanchez, Rorie Spill Solberg, Kaplan Yalcin
Voting members absent: Pat Ball, Nancy Barbour, Kathy Becker-Blease, Natalie Dollar, Patrice Dragon, McKenzie Huber, Inara Scott
Ex-Officio members present: Faculty Affairs – Heath Henry; Ecampus – Craig Rademacher

Category II Reviews

  • WSE 391
    • Reviewer not present
    • The reviewer suggested in their notes that the course be sent back.
      • The chair will send back with comments based on the reviewer’s notes in the form.
  • KIN 312
    • In the Social Processes & Institutions & Western Culture categories – passed category reviews.
      • They are looking to change the course from three to four credits.
    • Previously addressed issues have been fixed
    • Have added two additional course specific learning outcomes which brings them up to a total of 13 outcomes.
      • How do they intend to implement and assess these outcomes?
    • Despite the requested increase in credit hours, not much has been changed in the syllabus – no additional lectures, no expanded readings, no additional contact hours.
      • They need to justify the additional credit hours (outside projects, labs, readings)
    • It is not very clear in the syllabus how some of the outcomes are being met.
      • Send back for justification for additional hour.

Category Reviews

  • SUS 103
    • Course looked fine overall
    • Assessment is not addressed in the syllabus.
    • The Baccalaureate Core statement is not written verbatim.
    • Has a much bigger online course size.
      • Send back with request to add information on how the outcomes are assessed and to add the verbatim statement.
  • GEO 201
    • Level of detail in linking outcomes to assessment could be better but, overall, it looks good.
      • Recertified with some comments about adding more detail in explaining (if applicable) in how outcomes are assessed


Minutes prepared by Caitlin Calascibetta