Meeting Date: 
May 1, 2023
05/01/2023 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Zoom Meeting
  1. Course Reviews
    • BI 205/206 – Introductory Biology II/III
    • ENT/HORT 331 – Pollinators in Peril
  1. GenEd Policy Discussion
    • Expertise
    • Learning Outcome Assessment – Kristin Nagy Catz, Heath Henry

Voting members present: Aidas Banaitis, Daniel Faltesek, Colin Johnson, Matthew Kennedy, Michelle McAllaster, Ifeoma Ozoede, Rene Reitsma, Kari-Lyn Sakuma, Kaplan Yalcin
Voting members absent: Geoffrey Barstow, Kelsey Emard, Justin St. Germain, Jack Istok, Lori McGraw, Randy Rosenberger
Ex-officio members present: Assessment & Accreditation – Heath Henry; Ecampus – Karen Watte; WIC – Sarah Perrault
Guests: McKenzie Huber, Michael Jefferies, Caryn Stoess, Kristin Nagy-Katz, John Edwards


Course Reviews

  • BI 205/206 – Introductory Biology II/III
    • Adding the first course in the sequence as a pre-requisite (BI 204). Is adding it a limiting factor? It already has two chemistry pre-requisites.
      • Students are taking the courses out of sequence and taking BI 204 first would give students a stronger foundation
      • It is already majorly restricted as to who can take it.
      • Could potentially delay graduation for students as they wait for 204 to come around
        • They are planning to offer the course more often, but can this be guaranteed?
    • Syllabus does not address critical thinking
    • Relies on naming an outside document to explain how the course aligns with the Baccalaureate Core. There is no other link or reference to the document.

Action: Motion to send back for clarification about alignment of and attention to learning outcomes; seconded. The motion passes with 7 votes in favor, 0 votes in opposition and 1 abstention.

  • ENT/HORT 331 – Pollinators in Peril
    • Have they hired the necessary number of Teaching Assistants (TA)s?
      • One instructor does not appear to have any TA support.
      • The other instructor says they have it queued up, but it is not clear if TAs have been hired.
    • 1 instructor/70 hours. If we’re willing to assume that a TA is as effective as an instructor – 2.85 for every 70 students.
      • What kind of support are the TAs providing?
      • For WIC, it is a large assumption to make that a TA could be comparable to an instructor.
      • The Writing Advisory Board also has advice on this.
        • Start with FTE hours for each TA.
        • Subtract the hours they will spend doing all the job duties except responding to student papers; these may include some or all of the following:
          • Attend class and/or lab/field
          • Read course materials and assignments
          • Hold office hours
          • Respond to students’ emails/questions
          • Be normed on responding to each assignment
          • Attend class team meetings
          • Perform other duties in job description
        • Take the number of hours left and multiply by 3 to get the number of paper drafts a TA can be expected to respond to each week. Call that “T”.
        • Divide the number of students by “T.” That is the number of TAs needed for the class.
  • GEOG 300/301
    • They would like to add 50 students and will be adding .6 of TA support for each group of 50, if approved.
    • What sort of multiplier will we be applying? For the same math, they would need more support.
      • What kind of support are the TAs providing?
      • What kind of labor is being used to offset?

Action: The Bacc Core Director will reach out to the instructors for ENT/HORT 331 and GEOG 300/301 to ensure that TAs have actually been hired and the courses are being adequately supported.

GenEd Policy Discussion

  • Expertise
    • Discussion moved to the May 8 meeting.
  • Learning Outcome Assessment – Kristin Nagy Catz, Heath Henry
    • Part of the proposal and design features as instructors work on courses for the new gen ed program:
      • A key/signature assignment that would reflect all learning outcomes in the course.
      • Embedded in the course, alongside an institutional rubric, developed by the instructor.