Meeting Date: 
November 15, 2017
11/15/2017 8:30 am to 9:30 am
109 Gilkey Hall
Event Description: 

A PDF of the agenda can be found here.

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.

  1. Category II proposals
    • Discussion Needed
      • QS 362
      • AEC 243
    • No Discussion Needed
      • WGSS 313 
  2. Overview of the Category Review Process

Voting members present: Pat Ball, Nancy Barbour, Natalie Dollar, Alix Gitelman, Filix Maisch, Dana Sanchez, Bill Smyth, Rorie Spill Solberg
Voting members absent: Isabelle Brock, Bob Paasch, Weihong Qiu, Inara Scott
Ex-Officio members present: Heath Henry – Academic Affairs, Shannon Riggs – Ecampus, Vicki Tolar Burton – WIC Director


Category II proposals

  • Discussion Needed
    • QS 362
      • The syllabus does not have a matrix linking assessment to outcomes. They do talk about critical thinking but it is not very clear and does not appear to connect directly to the learning outcomes. It was determined that they did make these connections in the form, but it needs to be apparent on the syllabus, as well.
        • Approved but sent back with revisions
    • AEC 243
      • The syllabus does not have a matrix linking assessment to outcomes.
        • Approved but sent back for minor revisions
  • No Discussion Needed
    • WGSS 313
      • Approved
    • ART 206
      • Approved
  • A couple of WIC courses will be coming through the Baccalaureate Core Committee. The Ex-Officio has provided a checklist with details about how WIC courses are reviewed. The checklist is available on the WIC website.

Overview of the Category Review Process

  • Reviewers are reminded that they will receive a separate email for each category review they are assigned. The email will contain two links, one for Sharepoint and one for the specific category review form. Reviewers are also reminded that each form is unique to the course they are reviewing.  All needed forms for review are located in the course folder in Sharepoint.
    • The CORE file contains all enrollment information
    • SYL files are syllabus
    • Form file is the general information about the course provided by the submitter.
      • There will be specific information in the Form file that the reviewer will have to refer to while reviewing the course.
  • Question 35 requires the names of all faculty teaching the course, regardless of whether or not they are using the same syllabus. If they are using the same syllabus, there is another section that they can mark that will inform the reviewer.
  • GTAs are for students who assist with teaching the course or teach on their own. It defaults at 0.
  • The Review Form is a Qualtrics survey, so reviewers are informed that their survey will be saved if they need to leave and return to it at a later time. Reviewers can also skip questions, if needed, and return to them, using the ‘next’ and ‘back’ buttons.
  • Reviewers are reminded that once you hit submit, the form is closed and you cannot return to it.
    • If you submit it by mistake, please inform Heath immediately.



Minutes prepared by Caitlin Calascibetta