Meeting Date: 
December 6, 2017
12/06/2017 8:30 am to 9:30 am
109 Gilkey Hall
Event Description: 

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.

  • Botany 325
  • WSE 453

Voting members present: Pat Ball (remote), Nancy Barbour, Alix Gitelman, Bob Paasch, Dana Sanchez, Bill Smyth, Rorie Spill Solberg
Voting members absent: Isabelle Brock, Natalie Dollar, Filix Maisch, Weihong Qiu, Inara Scott
Ex-Officio members present: Heath Henry – Academic Affairs, Shannon Riggs – Ecampus, Vicki Tolar Burton – WIC Director

  • Botany 325
    • Mostly fine, missing student conduct link and disability link.
      • Missing written composition. Syllabus specifies two topic studies, but it doesn’t meet the requirements for the 1250-word assignment
        • Send back for revisions
  • WSE 453
    • Some concerns about the writing assignment (first draft 750, second 1500, final 2000). Does it count as revising 2000 words?
      • According to the WIC Director, yes, it does count as revising 2000 words
        • Approved
  • There are new proposals in the course proposal system.
    • The chairs will send out the assignments


Minutes prepared by Caitlin Calascibetta