Meeting Date: 
November 30, 2023
11/30/2023 10:00 am to 11:00 am
  1. Course Review – Core Education
    • PS 206 – Introduction to Political Theory
  1. Review of PAC Courses
    • PAC 165 – Partner Dance: West Coast Swing I
    • PAC 167 – Social Dance: Lindy Hop Swing
  1. Refresher on Core Education Installation Process

Course Review – Core Education

  • PS 206 – Introduction to Political Theory
    • Submitted as a Humanities course for the new Core Education program. Currently in the Baccalaureate Core as Western Culture.
    • Reviewers had no issues with the course.
    • They do a good job explaining how it fits the category.
    • How does the committee want to handle the essential assignment for each of the Learning Outcomes (LOs).
      • In this proposal – the submission is not specific which discussion boards or papers are the essential assignments. Should the committee send the proposal back for clarification?
        • It’s the fault of the CADI training for not being more specific so it would be fine not to do a full rollback, but the committee can follow-up with the instructor about which are the essential assignments.
          • Heath worked with the proposer, and he was under the impression that the papers would be the essential assignments. The discussion boards will build up to it.
    • What they have submitted fits with current policies.
    • Is there adequate assessment of the learning outcomes? There is not specificity in the syllabus about the learning outcomes are assessed, but there is enough information in CIM.
    • No proposal in for Ecampus in, yet. Not a big change from what has been submitted before, so approval should be fine, so long as they work with Karen to redevelop it for Ecampus.
    • Criteria: Provide students with opportunities to apply the fundamental ideas, practices, and conventions of the discipline by producing a creative or interpretive work. Instructors will provide guidance, formative feedback on small-stakes assignments, and summative feedback on larger projects. In order that instructors can provide guidance and appropriate feedback, classes should be capped at 40. Classes that exceed this cap require the support of a Teaching Assistant.  

Action: Motion to approve course with comments to proposer to continue working with Kristin and Heath on defining the essential assignment and to submit a proposal to Ecampus to redevelop the course. The motion passes with 10 votes in favor, 0 votes in opposition and 0 abstentions.

Review of PAC Courses

  • PAC 165 – Partner Dance: West Coast Swing I
  • PAC 167 – Social Dance: Lindy Hop Swing
    • Procedural requirement that these be added for 1 credit. Taught by part-time employees coming to teach the specific subset of courses.
    • It makes them difficult to review in the traditional sense. They will not be part of the new Core Education.
    • They’ve been asked to use the OSU syllabus template.
    • The co-chairs will review them and report back to the committee if there are any major issues.
    • Is there a point when these courses can bypass this committee?
      • We don’t bypass Faculty Senate processes, so while they do eat up some time, it feels best to continue reviewing these until the Baccalaureate Core is officially retired.

Refresher on Core Education Installation Process

  • McKenzie Huber provided a refresher on the workflow and timeline of installing the new Core Education program.
  • All courses needed to be approved by January 31, 2025 in order to go live.