Nominations can be sent to Jen Humphreys by August 1, 2024.

Excerpt from the OSU President Byrne's University Day speech, September 1987, regarding the Beaver Champion Award:

"Oregon State University President's award for outstanding effort and achievement of excellence, extra effort beyond that requested, and performance of the highest quality. The crystal beaver sculpture is made in Sweden by Mats Jonasson Målerås."

List of Previous Recipients:
2019   JoAnne Bunnage, Mike Goodwin, Shelly Signs
2018   Bruce Mate, Kelly Sparks, Marianne Vydra
2017   Pat Reser, Steve Clark
2016   Allison Davis-White Eyes, Steven Zielke
2015   James Lundy, Jock Mills
2014   Charlotte Pritchard, The College of Public Health & Human Sciences
2013    Donna Chastain, Larry Roper
2012    Mike Bailey, Denise Lach
2011    Chris Bell, Kim McAlexander
2010    Nancy Heiligman, Walter Loveland
2009    Amas Aduviri, Lynda Ciuffetti
2008    Kevin Ahern, Indira Rajagopal
2007    Larry Griggs, Danny Langsdorf
2006    Roy Arnold, Pat Casey
2005    Shay Dakan
2004    Leslie Burns
2003    Larry Kennedy
2002    Becky Johnson
2001    Vickie Nunnemaker
2000    Janice McMurray, Gwil Evans, Janine Kobel
1999    Jill Schuster
1998    Bob Bontrager
1997    Roy Arnold, Barbara Balz, Lyla Houglum, Barbara Moon, Jon Root, Gretchen Schuette, Sandra Woods
1996    Larry Roper
1995    Dianne Hart, Eric Piel, Kristy Spikes, Christine Sproul, Cliff Dalton, John Evey, Mel George, Ober Tyus, Michael Oriard, John Byrne
1994    Irma Delson, Joanne "Jodi" Engel, Mary Nunn
1993    Gary Beach, Emery Castle, Charlotte Vickers
1992    Chris Moore, Andy Hashimoto, Chuck Peckham and all members of Printing/Mailing Services
1991    Nancy and Craig Leman, Wayne Haverson
1990    Terry Kelley, Sylvia Moore, Bruce Shepard
1989    Dan Brown, Marilyn Guin
1988    Russel Dix, Jim Dunn, Rosemary Stoltenberg
1987    Pete Fullerton, Kinsey Green, Warren Hovland, Steve Lawton, Bud Weiser


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