Meeting Date: 
April 9, 2019
04/09/2019 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
109 Gilkey Hall
Event Description: 

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.

  1. MA, MS, PhD in History and Philosophy of Science #82799 – Renaming an Academic Program
  1. Biological Data Sciences #106498 – New Degree Program
  1. Tuition update and Budget Form – Sherm Bloomer

Voting members present: Gloria Crisp (remote), Drew Ibarra, Denise Lach, David Pham
Voting members absent: Dave Feeney, Corina Rampola, John Talbott
Ex-Officio members present: Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning – Sherm Bloomer

MA, MS, PhD in History and Philosophy of Science #82799 – Renaming an Academic Program

  • CPS Proposal
    • Name change but some of the documents are out of date.
    • The budget listed is only $500.00, which feels rather low.
      • Is the budget is so small, does the committee really need updated forms?
      • Are there any consequences to not getting updated forms?
    • The proposal was originally submitted seven years ago. What other changes have been made in that time?
    • Denise moved to approve; seconded. Motion passes.

Biological Data Sciences #106498 – New Degree Program

  • CPS Proposal
    • The proposal feels somewhat scarce. Is the budget to support the new program coming completely from Ecampus? Are new classes being developed? Will there be new faculty hired? Is there a demand? How does it fit with the new budget model?
      • None of the core foundational courses are new – they are currently listed courses.
        • Are students going to miss out on having dedicated faculty and staff for support?
      • Six new classes have been developed and are listed in the ‘Minor’ section of the syllabus.
      • FTE and salary is rather low at .15 for $5K.
      • Graduate Teaching Assistant FTE is also very low at .49.
      • Current enrollment will be pulling from existing students but they are anticipating around 100 students by year four.
      • There is a potential for future Ecampus courses to be developed which would bring in additional revenue.
    • Send back with a request to confirm their cost assessment in regards to FTE and salary.

Tuition update and Budget Form – Sherm Bloomer

  • The campus is operating on a deficit this year that will need to be eliminated.
  • 15 million in revenue for tuition rate increases.
  • Many state programs are being considered for reductions and cuts.
  • Non-resident students come to campus and then take Ecampus courses because they are cheaper
    • Setting rules for this may effect retention but the loss of revenue has been severe enough to warrant action.
  • Engineering is eliminating the pro-school with the idea to get students more deeply into engineering courses sooner.
  • Cost Estimates and Tuition Scenario Table – various planning scenarios with the board landing on option 2 in scenario B (page 2).
  • If growth does not occur, something will have to be cut.
  • Demographic studies show that enrollment figures may decline over the years in Oregon.
  • Should building renewal be reduced somewhat?
  • How do we engage and what are fundamental budget issues facing the university?