Meeting Date: 
February 19, 2020
02/19/2020 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
109 Gilkey Hall
  1. Review and Discuss
    • Online Graduate Certificate in Energy Policy #106319 – New Certificate Program
  1. Update on University Budget Committee Process

Voting members present: Frank Chaplen, Jessica DuPont, Drew Ibarra
Voting members absent: Amy Bourne, Gloria Crisp, Corina Rampola, Xenia Velasco

Review and Discuss

  • Online Graduate Certificate in Energy Policy #106319 – New Certificate Program
    • This is a resubmission; the unit was asked to provide more documentation. No additional information or documentation was provided.
    • In the budget narrative, the committee would like to see more effort percentage on faculty effort, time and FTE.
      • The committee confirmed that there will be no new hires – the program will rely on existing faculty and resources.
    • There is a position for a Coordinator to oversee the new program. A fixed-amount is mentioned for payment. Possibly refers to a stipend.
    • The unit doesn’t include the FTE enrollment for years one through four in the narrative.
      • Based on information provided, the committee was able to determine the Student Credit Hours (SCH) which could help in determining the FTE
      • There is some confusion about how some of the numbers are relayed in the narrative. In one spot, it refers to numbers by term. In another, it refers to fiscal year.
        • The committee will ask that the unit clarify this in the updated version with a head count.
    • Based on the low cost and services, other committee members believe that proposal can be approved. Some members would still prefer that the additional documentation previously requested at least be provided, in case more questions arise.
    • Based on the information provided, the committee determined that the cost seemed accurate.
      • Moved to approve, seconded; passed with no abstentions. Two members provided their vote via email.

Update on University Budget Committee Process

  • The University Budget Committee (UBC) is in the process of creating a draft to the send to the Board of Trustees (BOT) with recommendations for tuition increases.
    • Includes fees, differential tuition, resident and non-resident rates.
    • Cumulatively, not likely to be more than a 4.5% increase. The BOT typically does not like to go higher than that.
  • They may potentially be bringing in an Ecampus representative to discuss adjusting tuition rates for online courses.
  • The chair followed up with Sherm Bloomer about concerns with units creating programs to try and gain more SCH for higher budget allocations. Sherm suggested that the committee use their best judgement when approving new programs.

New Business

  • Availability forms for Spring term have been sent out. Please return them by February 24.
  • Frank Chaplen has expressed an interest in potentially chairing next year.