Meeting Date: 
June 4, 2019
06/04/2019 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
109 Gilkey Hall
Event Description: 

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.

  1. Masters in History #104974 – New Degree Program
  1. Discussion
    • Purpose of committee beyond proposals
    • 2019-20 Chair recommendations
    • Annual Report feedback

Voting members present: Gloria Crisp, Drew Ibarra, Denise Lach, David Pham, Corina Rampola
Voting members absent: Dave Feeney

Masters in History #104974 – New Degree Program

  • Web Proposal
    • Removed most of the Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) funding portion and will approve and fund 1 GTA in alignment with GTA union policies (not hiring hourly to do GTA work).
    • The external reviewers have approved the program and it can be delivered with the existing faculty, regardless of approval or lack of Horning Endowment.
    • Business Center has signed off on the program.

Action: Drew made a motion to approve, seconded; approved with no abstentions.

20th Century Studies (CERT) #107397 – Termination of an Academic Program

Action: Corina made a motion to approve the termination, seconded; approved with no abstentions.


  • Purpose of committee beyond proposals
    • Faculty severely outnumbered on the University Budget & Fiscal Planning Committee.
    • How does the committee support and benefit the Faculty Senate?
    • Should the committee focus more on the curriculum budget side, rather than the overall university budget?
    • What is in the Faculty’s best interest in regards to budget? Can the chair bring these issues from the Faculty Senate to the University Budget Committee?
  • 2019-20 Chair recommendations
    • Drew nominated to continue as chair.
    • Nomination will be sent to the Executive Committee for consideration.
  • Committee on Committees report has been submitted
  • Annual Report feedback
    • The Annual Report is still available in BOX for members to edit if there is something they want to add.
    • The chair will add that the committee recommended a Standing Rules revision (full voting privileges for chair at University Budget & Fiscal Planning Committee) that has been sent to the Executive Committee.
    • Chair will clarify if they can send a proxy to the University Budget meetings so that they can report back to the committee or invite Sherm for a discussions.
    • The Academic Programs office is starting up the pre-submission meetings for curriculum proposals again. The committee recommends that one member always be available for them so budget issues can get caught early.