Meeting Date: 
February 6, 2017
02/06/2017 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
109 Gilkey Hall
Event Description: 

A PDF of the agenda can be found here.

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.

  1. Cegory I Proposal
    1. Tourism, Recreation, and Adventure Leadership
      1. Online
      2. PDF
      3. Supporting Documents
      4. Liaisons
        1.  Letters
        2. Responses
      5. Budget Information
        1. Budget Year 1
        2. Budget Year 2
        3. Budget Year 3
        4. Budget Year 4
    2. Visit the following URL for a full list of your pending reviews:
  2. Please go to the BOX folder [FS BFP Cat 1 Budget Forms] and review the new files: osubudget_worksheet_draft.xlsx and the budget_instruction_kmhz.docx files. Original Documents are also available
    1. Please try to complete by Monday
  3. New Business

Voting members present: Dave Feeney, Kate Hunter-Zaworski, Denise Lach, Seunghae Lee
Voting members absent: Michelle Kutlzer, Walt Loveland

Category I Proposal

  • Tourism, Recreation, and Adventure Leadership
    • Online Proposal
    • PDF Proposal
    • Supporting Documents
      • There were some curriculum issues that had been addressed. Everything looks good in regards to the budget itself.
      • One member to requested clarification in regards to Cascades, online and on campus. There is an attachment on the website that goes over each issue with the curriculum and how it was addressed.
      • Voting can occur with a request for clarification – are they proposing online courses? Does the addition of online courses affect the budget? Not in such a way that it would affect the budget adversely.
        • Walt voted through email
          • Motioned for approval; motion seconded; approved

Category 1 Budget Forms

Instruction Form

  • The instruction form is also in need of updating. Verbiage was changed in a few of the paragraphs. There was some debate over keeping the business center contact information on the instruction sheet but it was decided that that information would stay. Some verbiage in regards to the business centers and whether or not they ‘approve’ vs ‘review’ needs to be changed to remove confusion on the role of the business centers. There is some redundant and old information that needs removing. The committee would like to provide a link to a budget narrative.
  • Rather than doing a narrative for the budget, the committee is going to put together a downloadable template.


Minutes were prepared by Caitlin Calascibetta, Faculty Senate Staff