Meeting Date: 
October 27, 2022
10/27/2022 9:00 am to 10:00 am
Zoom Meeting
  1. CIM Proposals
    • Toxicology Graduate Certificate, Key #786 – New Graduate Certificate
  1. Report Back from University Budget Advisory Committee
  1. Other business



  • Access program proposals online at (copy and paste into your browser, clicking directly leads to a stale login error) and search via the Key number
  • You can also click on Workflow on the header to sort all pending proposals in CIM and search for proposals listed under ‘Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee Chair’

Voting members present: Frank Chaplen, Mary Gardner, Jeff Luck, Filix Maisch, Joe Page, Shawn Tucker, Yvette Spitz
Voting members absent: No members absent
Ex-Officio members present: Budget & Resource Planning Office - Sherm Bloomer


CIM Proposals

  • Toxicology Graduate Certificate, Key #786 – New Graduate Certificate
    • Provided a well written budget narrative and detailed spreadsheet
    • Reoccurring budgets – existing tenure track faculty to teach initially – will they be back filling those instructors’ roles in Years 3 and 4 of the program or in the event of high enrollments?
      •  Faculty with research appointments will be redirecting efforts to teaching in the new Graduate Certificate.
      • Position Description adjustments are being made to allow for more teaching from research faculty
        • Additional detail is needed regarding the difference in appointment between the two faculty (one who is 9 months and one who is 12 months).
        • How can we reconcile the text and the table? One instructor appears to have more support than the other because of the 9-month relative to the 12-month appointment.
          • Suggest they write a short description explaining how faculty will be redirecting their efforts and how this will affect classes that are already being taught in face-to-face modality
    • These appear to be existing courses and they are adding Ecampus as a modality to draw in a larger pool of students.

Action: Motion from Jeff Luck to send back to the originator with two questions – requesting clarification of resource allocation relative to FTE and requesting clarification on how are they going to handle instructional year in 3-4 years after student load has grown; seconded. Motion passed with 6 votes in favor, 0 votes against and 1 vote in abstention.

Report Back from University Budget Advisory Committee

  • Had its first meeting last Friday; orientation meeting 
    • Tuition rate recommendations, conversation about how we charge students regarding resident vs non-resident, course fees.
    • Guidelines around differential tuition.
    • Weigh-in on revisions to the budget model.

Other business

  • College of Education is undergoing a restructuring. The chair is working on a set of guidelines to assist with the evaluation process regarding the budget.
  • The chair is asking the committee to consider chairs for the next academic year.


Meeting adjourned at 9:41 AM