Meeting Date: 
October 3, 2018
10/03/2018 9:00 am to 10:00 am
109 Gilkey Hall
Event Description: 

A PDF of the agenda can be found here.

A PDF of the minutes can be found here.

  • Introduction and Explanation of Committee
    • Determine meeting dates and times
    • Determine communication methods
    • Proposal Reviews
  • New Business

Voting members present: Gloria Crisp, Dave Feeney, Drew Ibarra, Denise Lach, Corina Rampola
Voting members absent: John Talbott

Introduction and Explanation of Committee

  • Review of 2017-2018 Annual Report
    • Recommendations
      • The Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee (B&FP) Chair should be more active in the Budget & Fiscal Planning Office meetings so that Faculty are represented and given a voice in the discussions.
        • One concern is the enrollment numbers: are these the numbers the University should be at and how do these numbers affect the budget?
      • B&FP needs to monitor how the new Budget Model is being implemented and ensure that it is being applied appropriately.
        • The committee acknowledged the possibly of Units taking advantage of the system by creating more degree programs to ensure a larger budget allocation.
      • The committee is to continue monitoring Category I Proposals and review them effectively and in a timely manner.
        • Suggested turnaround time is two weeks
        • A suggestion to streamline the process, and to prevent proposals from being kicked back to the originator, is to have the proposals checked early on in the process to make sure the originators are not missing any paperwork or committing common mistakes.
      • The Committee will continue to support budget planning through open communication with Sherm Bloomer regarding Faculty concerns and the application of the new Budget Model
  • Determine meeting dates and times
    • The Committee determined that Wednesdays from 9:00-10:00 AM work best for everyone for Fall Term. B&FP will meet every two weeks for the remainder of Fall Term.
      • Caitlin Calascibetta will send out an availability request form in November to lock down a meeting time for Winter Term.
  • Determine communication methods
    • If the agenda is brief enough, there is a chance Proposals will be voted on through email.
    • A Category Checklist will be sent out to assist with the review process
      • Can the Committee request that units provide enrollment figures?
        • Units may report those numbers differently and the information may not be the same from unit to unit
        • Using these numbers in the Budget figures may not be helpful or accurate the enrollment figures can vary on a yearly basis.
  • Proposal Reviews
    • Reminder that members should at least look through the full proposal so that they can assess the budget accurately.

Cat I Proposal

  • MA/MS in Communication – College of Liberal Arts
    • Is this replacing the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)?
      • MAIS program is not going away but there is a large demand for a standalone MA/MS in Communication program
    • The proposal refers to an Undergraduate Accrediting body, but there is no mention of one for their Graduate programs. Does one exist for Graduate Programs?
    • The budget shows that they’re relying heavily on the tuition remission, but the remission is not guaranteed and can fluctuate from year-to-year. The Committee will advise the originators of this so that they can budget appropriately.
      • Funds are also being moved from the MAIS program to fund the MA/MS in Communication. It will essentially be following the students transferring from the MAIS to MA/MS in Communication.
    • OPE covers the cost of the instructor.
    • Oregon Public Employee Benefits (OPE) Health insurance is not listed for Graduate Assistants.
      • OPE is covered by the University. It comes back to the department in two different funds, health care and tuition remission
    • Support staff at quarter time is covered in larger sum of OPE
    • Ecampus will also be attributing the budget via online courses.
    • Notes will be sent back to the originator advising them to move the Tenure Track line to Fixed-Term line. A note about the tuition remission all also be sent.
      • Drew Ibarra moved to approve with notes, seconded; approved.

New Business

  • Sherm will be hosting several open Budget Conversations throughout the year.
    • If members are available to attend, it is encouraged, but not required.
      • The chair will attempt to locate minutes of previous meetings