12/12/2013 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Present: Kate Hunter-Zaworski, Virginia Weiss

1. Membership
Peg Herring has agreed to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Corina Rampola.

2. Potential Bylaws Revisions for 2013-2014
Electronic voting – Determine a way to ensure that the person voting is actually the person logged in:

  • confidentiality of voting
  • could Media Services generate a tool to ensure confidentiality
  • verification of identity


  • Create a Newport apportionment unit;
  • Provide the ability to not have monthly Faculty Senate meetings;
  • Add new faculty ranks: Professor of Practice, Senior Instructor II, and Senior Faculty Research Assistant II
  • Terminations: When does the Senator term end if the Senator’s unit moves from the apportionment unit which they were elected to represent;
  • Eliminate current Senator requirement for Executive Committee candidates;
  • Article 5, Sec. 1. - with the exception of off-campus Extension, the current practice is to apportion faculty in the unit where their tenure lies, regardless of their work unit (i.e., Ed is apportioned with Applied Economics)
  • IFS vacancy (see below); (Vickie needs to determine to what this refers) and
  • OSU governing board – give the Faculty Senate President the ability to participate or designate participation to present issues of faculty concern at each Board meeting.

3. Bylaws Review
Review Bylaws and strengthen articles that may be taken for granted from a shared governance perspective.

4. Winter Term Meetings
A Doodle request for availability will be distributed for one meeting in January.

5. Google Docs
A Google Docs will be created for the committee, including the Google Groups feature.

ARTICLE VIII: Interinstitutional Faculty Senate

Sec. 5. Vacancies. The position of IFS Senator shall become vacant by: (1) Resignation, on the effective date specified in a letter of resignation to the Senate President; (2) Leave of Absence, on the effective date of a leave from the campus in excess of one academic term, exclusive of Summer term; (3) Termination or Retirement on the effective date; or (4) Recall or Rescind, according to procedures identified in Article VI, Sec. 4; or (5) Non-participation due to non-attendance of meetings, at the discretion of the Executive Committee.