Meeting Date: 
November 28, 2023
11/28/2023 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Working Groups


Voting members present: Lindsay Andrews, Nick Andrews, Tess Collins, Maricruz Gomez, Lauri Houston, Perry Hystad, Keith Jayawickrama, Rebecca Lemon, Adam Lindsley, Tara Massad, Cinnamon Moffett, Laura Rees, Brandon Trelstad, Les Walton, Erika Wolters
Voting members absent: Chris Anderson, Hannah Brachfeld, Grant Jacobsen, Leela Magdaleno, Norm Rush, Andres Schmidt, Desiree Tullos, Jason Weiss

  • To be effective, the Carbon Commitment Committee (C3) needs functional Work Groups where matters are discussed in depth and proposals developed.
  • Two starting options (1 and 2) were provided below, with the possibility for others to be proposed.
  • November 28 C3 meeting was scheduled to establish Work Groups for the 2024 Fiscal Year.

Option 1: Set up to parallel the various mandates of C3.

  1. Support the OSU Sustainability Office
  2. Motivate OSU community (=outreach and publicity??)
  3. Develop recommendations for achieving carbon neutrality

The annual report to the Faculty Senate needs to be clearly assigned to a workgroup. It is unlikely that it will be generated by the whole C3.

Option 2: Continuing the original work group structure with some modifications.

  1. Annual report to Faculty Senate (required) add Outreach and motivation
  2. Support Sustainability Office work in reducing emissions tied to buildings (this is basically what the Conservation and Efficiency workgroup has been doing up to this point)
  3. Policy and Structural Changes – E.g. trying to get some amount of research indirect funds “Advocacy”. We are called the Carbon COMMITMENT Committee, but how much commitment do we really see?
  4. Curriculum- Education

Option 3: Put forward at the meeting. This was adopted.

  1. "Resources & Reporting" = Gather teaching resources on carbon emissions and sustainability, post online, (including a Canvas shell and resources for Extension Faculty), outreach on upcoming events including from WOHESC, EarthWeek, C3 forum, announcements in OSU Today, curriculum development[1], & annual report to the Faculty Senate.
    • Tess Collins, Maricruz Gomez, Nick Andrews, Lindsay Andrews, Norm Rush, Laurie Houston, Tara Massad, Hannah Brachfeld (Workgroup Coordinator)
  2. "Advocacy" = Discrete campaigns/efforts as C3 develops them (e.g., last year's fume hood campaign), keep reminding central admin\OSU leadership of OSU’s carbon commitment, help the Sustainability office as needed, support building carbon emissions reduction initiatives, meetings with leadership of individual Colleges and units to push efforts in emissions reductions, etc.
    • Erika Wolters, Cinnamon Moffett, Leela Magdaleno, Laura Rees, Les Walton, Keith Jayawickrama, Perry Hystad (Workgroup Coordinator)

**The Sustainability Office is available to support the Work Groups**

**Work groups are asked to meet as soon as possible (early December or early January) and before the next full C3 meeting**

Adjourned: 4 PM

Notes By: Keith Jayawickrama

[1] Examples of curriculum – resources for OSU faculty to build sustainability into classes. Resources from a collaboration of sustainability programs across the university. Teach-in.