01/20/2016 11:00 am to 11:45 am

Present: Kiara Goldtrap, Rachel Grisham, Robert Schickler, Bonnie Scranton, Shelly Signs, Hui Zhang Absent: Anne Bahde 

  • The Committee on Committees (CoC) met on January 20 – all members except Anne were present. Anne and Shelly met separately on January 25.
  • The standing rules and five-year review questions were reviewed; the Committee decided not to suggest any Standing Rules changes since Shelly is the only member of the Committee with any historical context. Committee members were invited to suggest changes and updates after this year’s cycle is completed.
  • Three committees submitted standing rules changes for review and approval. Two were approved at this meeting (Student Recognition and Awards and Curriculum Council – as noted in the power point). One brought about additional discussion (Budgets and Fiscal Planning Committee – B&FP), and Shelly met with the chair (Luke McIlvenny) on January 25. After discussion with the Chair, Shelly sent him an updated draft to circulate to the B&FP. The CoC is currently waiting on the approved updated draft of the B&FP standing rules, which will then be circulated to the CoC for review and a vote. After that is completed, a formal document will be submitted to Vickie Nunnemaker outlining updated text for all three committees.
  • Committee member assignments for council/committee review were determined and are also listed in the power point: Library Committee – Robert; Promotion and Tenure Committee – Hui; Diversity Council – Rachel and Shelly; Faculty Status – Bonnie; Graduate Council – Anne; and Research Council – Kiera.
  • Committee members committed to complete their reviews by the end of March; Shelly will help keep them to this schedule. After all reviews are complete, a formal document will be submitted to Vickie Nunnemaker for review.
  • The meeting ran from 11:00-11:40. 

 Minutes recorded by Shelly Signs

Meeting Documents: