04/16/2013 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm
The Valley Library Drinkward Conference Room (4th floor)

1. Lucas Turpin, Community Network, on the move to Google Apps.

2. Reports (Classroom building, etc.)

3. May meeting- need to reschedule


Members Present: Stefanie Buck, Victor Hsu, Richard Nafshun
Guest: Lucas Turpin

1. The move to Google Apps
Lucas Turpin, Community Network, talked about the plan to move to Google Apps:

  • All OSU students will move to Gmail this summer. 75% of higher education institutions have already moved to a cloud provider for student email.
  • Exchange account holders can opt-in if they want to move accounts, but they are not required to do so. Use of Google is optional for employees.
  • Training will be provided, especially with researchers with export controlled data.
  • All ONID accounts will be gone by the end of next fall (faculty, staff and students). This does not affect Exchange/Outlook services.
  • Email addresses will not be changing (
  • ONID accounts will still continue. The only thing going away is ONID email. Other ONID services, such as file space will be reviewed later.
  • Project timeline
  1. April  - Launch marketing and communications
  2. May – Launch training and outreach
  3. May 15 – pre-sync ONID email to Google
  4. June – Enable access to Google Mail opt-in process
  5. Dec –  Opt-in period ends, sunset ONID email service
  6. Access enabled June 18, 2013


  • OSU Computer Helpdesk will be providing support.
  • Core Google applications – email, drive, calendaring and sites – are all covered by contract. This does not include Google + and Hangout, but IS is still working with legal.
  • In the future, OSU may be looking at lifetime email accounts.
  • TAC is looking at Google apps to plan on how apps can be integrated in instruction.
  • Other institutions have said training and communication are the keys to a successful move.


  • Microsoft applications are still superior to Google Apps.
  • Lucas – it’s totally optional and we have a significant investment in the Microsoft licenses.
  • Moving things back and forth between environments can be problematic. Some training on how to do this would help.
  • Victor noted that IS might need to increase drive space if more people are using it.
  • Some apps like Google hangouts are not free. Some apps are not being turned on due to privacy issues.
  • There is an email ([email protected]) where people can send comments or concerns.

2. Reports (Classroom building, etc.)

  • Classroom – We are getting more details on each of the spaces and how the classrooms will be configured.
  • Blackboard Steering – Blackboard operations is setting up LMS vendor presentation meetings. Blackboard also did a remote presentation on BB and the newest updates. The new service pack from BB does not have a lot of new features. Most of the changes are in the interface.

3. May Meeting

  • May need to reschedule. This is still TBD.