Tue 06/18/2013 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm
The Valley Library Drinkward Conference Room (4th floor)

1. Updates (Classroom committee, etc.)

2. Vendor presentations update (Lois)

3. Wrap up and discussion about what CRC should be working on next year.


Voting Members Present: Stefanie Buck, Robb Reff, Stu Sarbacker
Ex-officio Members Present: David Barber (Information Services), Lois Brooks (Information Services)
Guest: Yousef Qassim (TAC)

1. Clicker Update – Yousef

  • New version of Turning Point clicker software will be introduced on August 10.
  • Now have flash drive and receiver all in one.
  • In the past, there were a lot of different software pieces that had to be installed; now it will be in one interface.
  • Instructor can bring in all the classes at once. Also now able to view the participant list within the software without going to Blackboard.
  • Also have Mac software now.
  • Software runs off flash drive. Faculty who use it now can trade in for the new flash drive.
  • Testing using clickers to take exams. Students can see final grade right away.
  • Can see what students are doing in real time.
  • Can have students log in (OSU ID), set time limits, etc.
  • Need to have TAs trained on how to use it. Also need to put some safety measures in place in case software crashes (did not happen during test phase).
  • Software can generate four versions of an exam.
  • Still testing the app to see if this can work. Talking to Turning Point so students can get both the hardware and software options.
  • Reports available so instructor can see how students are doing question by question.
  • Works with Microsoft 2013 (not sure about MS 365).

2. Updates (Classroom committee, etc.) – Lois
Google Apps

  • Google live in July (date TDB).
  • Students will migrate at the end of July.
  • Google apps will be available to everyone. Training sessions available.
  • Will have discussions about Google email for faculty and staff re: moving to the cloud (conversation for next year)


  • TRF – final recommendations will go to IT instruction and infrastructure committees for next week. More proposals than money.
  • TRF money has been used for upgrading classrooms and there is a rising cost in maintaining these labs. Need to balance new, innovative stuff with supporting classrooms and replacing equipment.
  • TRF will probably need to evaluate what will be funded (computer classrooms vs. free, large format printing vs. new stuff). Will be doing cost modeling around these decisions.
  • Loaner services may also be looked at. Have 1000s of loaner laptops and 96% computer ownership. Also issues like do we buy a few really high-end cameras or more lower-end cameras?
  • Now have access to MS 365. Has not been launched.
  • Want to get student voice, but it’s hard to get the student feedback. Need to do this in the fall so changes in funding can be determined. ASOSU is a good choice, but it depends on what is on their agenda.

3. Vendor Presentations Update – Lois

  • The point of the presentations what just to see what’s out there.
  • The committee has decided to issue an RFP, which will go out in fall quarter. Those vendors on the short list (around five) will create test sites for people to play with.
  • Will be checking in with Faculty Senate EC at major milestones. EC wants CRC to be involved.
  • Looking carefully at the LMS vendor’s vision of interoperability around other tools (higher ed. ecosystem), open content and e-content – what is the right model for us in terms of engaging the community?
  • The main issue is the learning curve for faculty. The latest version of Blackboard has many more features than what we have now, so really not good to compare what we have now with other current LMSs.
  • Some of the questions to be considered are hosting here or cloud hosting and down time and control over what version we are on.

4. Wrap up and discussion about what CRC should be working on next year

  • Cloud service discussions.
  • Computer labs. Questions about how many labs and types of labs that are supported by the campus. Need to evaluate how faculty members are using labs.
  • Revenue streams of what pays for what technology on campus.
  • Ecampus and hybrid courses.

Minutes prepared by Stefanie Buck