Tue 11/12/2013 1:45 pm to 2:45 pm
The Valley Library Drinkward Conference Room (4th floor)

1. Introductions

2. Review of Standing Rules and Faculty Senate Assignments

3. LMS (Learning Management System) Review Process – Lois Brooks

4. Blackboard Updates and Issues – Lynn Greenough, Jon Dorbolo

5. Additional Items and Assignments



Review of Standing Rules and Faculty Senate Assignments

Overview of Decision to Review LMS/Blackboard System – Lois Brooks

  • RFPs going out in mid-November
  • Winter/Spring LMS review process

Standing Agenda Item for Rest of Year for CRC
Dan Edge and Kevin Gable

  • Suggested coming back to CRC as necessary

Both technology and corporate relationship (!)
HOW to structure engagement for LMS process?

  • Larger decision-making bodies vs. focused
  • Visits to CRC from task force (overview/consultation)?
  • Reimbursement/compensation for faculty?

Timeline: November RFPs/Winter quarter shortlist, prep for courses/interviews

  • Spring Quarter demos courses and preparation

Flint: Who are the right people to have in the decision-making process?

  • Faculty and Staff broadly construed
  • Executive committee
  • Dean’s offices (Associate Deans/Committees)
  • Structural goal-setting technologies/facilities
  • Others?
  • Additional systems for evaluating particular aspects in light of goals/objectives?
  • When is CRC input going to be important? (strategic moments?)
  • Is there going to be a "kick-off" presentation for the University?
  • General consensus: more publicity = better?
  • What are the principles/priorities? Integration with campus, etc.?
  • Dorbolo: TAC would be willing to support the process in whatever way it can

Blackboard Updates and Issues – Lynn Greenough, Jon Dorbolo

  • December upgrades? Interface changes, in-line grading, content editor, adding multimedia ("video everywhere"), integration with google.
  • Social learning tools?
  • Social learning tools:
  • OSU can’t administer monitoring, but would leave it as global free speech)
  • OSU Hands-off vs. Instructor Opt-in
  • Difference vs. discussion boards, email, etc.?
  • Students set limits course, university, global blackboard community
  • Test run?
  • Already have a judicial process? Does there need to be new one?