Meeting Date: 
February 14, 2022
02/14/2022 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
Zoom Meeting

Anticipated absence: Christine Pollard, Beth Rankin               

  1. Curricular Proposal Reviews
    • See Information Items below for instructions to access CIM.
    • For new courses and change courses, please remember to review Learning Outcomes in the proposal, as well as alignment with assessments.
    • The attached shaded proposals are those pending approval by the Curriculum Council co-chairs. The remaining proposals are included to indicate what is coming up.

  1. Course Description Guideline
    Should there be a course description guideline?

“The primary purpose of the course description is to clarify course content. They are used by students, prospective employers, and transfer articulators at other institutions. For ease of reading in the Catalog and to ensure clarity and succinctness, limit the course description to 50-100 words.” (Writing Course Descriptions)

Course Description Policy

          I believe that this was adequately discussed; if not, please advise me to leave it on the agenda. If it needs no further discussion, would you like the 100/200-level vs. 300/400-level Learning Outcomes moved from the Pending box to here? ~VN

  1. Matters Arising

  1. Report from Registrar – Rebecca Mathern

  1. Report from Undergraduate Programs – Janice Nave-Abele

  1. Report from Co-Chairs – Ping-Hung Hsieh, Amy Koehlinger

Information Items:


  • New Location Policy (proposed) and (current)
  • 100/200-level vs. 300/400-level Learning Outcomes: this is based on Inara Scott’s concern on the BA233 and BA390 proposals.
  • Undergraduate Certificate Program’s Interdisciplinary Requirement – R. Mathern is preparing an undergraduate chart of minors and certificates to determine if they have been conflated. Likely ready on 2/14/2022.

Meeting Schedule
Monday, February 21 ~ Curriculum Council meeting