Meeting Date: 
January 8, 2020
Wed 01/08/2020 9:30 am to 11:00 am
128B Kidder Hall

Anticipated Absence: Candice Clark

  1. Curricular Proposals
    • Marine Studies BA, BS #106759 – New Degree Program Proposal – Michael Harte, Michele Swift
    • Letter from Dean Marinelli, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, and Dean Sams, College of Agricultural Sciences
    • Reviewer Comments – Michael Harte and Michele Swift
      • Outdoor Products #102419 – New Degree Program Proposal (undergraduate) –Michele Swift, Yumie Takata
  1. Undergraduate Academic Unit Reviewer Needed
    • A tenure-line reviewer is needed to participate in the undergraduate academic unit review of the Department of Ag Education & Ag Science. The review will occur in early to mid-April.
  1. Course Proposals
    • See Information Items below for instructions to access the CPS.
    • For new courses and change courses, please remember to review Learning Outcomes, as well as alignment with assessments.
      • The proposals in the attached file will be approved after January 8, 2020.
      • The proposals in the attached file will be approved following the January 15, 2020 meeting. 
  1. Report from Co-Chairs – Carol McKiel, Michele Swift
  1. Report from Registrar – Rebecca Mathern
  1. Report from Undergraduate Programs – Janice Nave-Abele

Information Items:

Zoom Connection (good through Winter 2020)

ID: 530-409-246


Phone: 1-669-900-6833

Meeting Schedule 
January 8 ~ 128B Kidder Hall
January 15 ~ 128B Kidder Hall
January 22 - TBD


  • Cat I Proposals
    • Artificial Intelligence MS, MEng, PhD #107212  – New Degree Program Proposal – Carol McKiel, Mina Ossiander
      • 11/20/19 – Approved by Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee; pending Graduate Council review
      • 1/2020 – review w/Curriculum Council

    • Marine Studies BA, BS #106759 – New Degree Program Proposal – Michael Harte, Michele Swift
      • 11/20/19 – Approved by Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee; pending Curriculum Council review
      • 12/13/19 – review proposal w/Curriculum Council; discussion tabled to another meeting

    • Outdoor Products #102419 – New Degree Program Proposal (undergraduate) – Michele Swift, Yumie Takata
      • 11/18/19 –  Pending approval by Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee
      • 12/8/19 – Approved by Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee.

  • Policies
    • Hybrid Courses – G. Beach requested to revise based on 4/17/18 CC comments; req 4/26/18
      • 9/24/19 – Cub Kahn, Shannon Riggs and Gary Beach reviewing the final draft
      • 11/1/19 – Tentatively scheduled to be discussed
      • 11/?/19 – A. Gitelman & L. Templeton to review – no review mtg scheduled

    • Liaison – 12/06/19 – Janice Nave-Abele will draft appropriate language, and how APA envisions the website to appear, to be considered by the Council. M. Swift indicated that the language needs to pertain to both course and program proposals Janice agreed to do so. Michele will work on revising the verbiage to be consistent with what Janice is doing. This will be discussed in January 2020.
    • Majors – 5/23/2018 – Action: Tabled R. Mathern will resolve some of the CIM issues; needs to relate to Academic Regulations; CC will review after revised
      • Not approved in 2017-2018 ~VN
      • 2/26/19 – to be finalized after the CIM rollout

    • Minimum Class Size – 5/23/2018 – Action: R. Mathern will work over the 2018 summer to create a more coherent policy
      • 1/18/2019 – Mathern will determine from Gitelman if review needed prior to accreditation
      • 2/26/2019 – per RM and A. Gitelman – HOLD – will not be reviewed prior to accreditation visit

    • Minors 5/23/2018 – Action: R. Mathern and M. Ossiander will review over the 2018 summer and propose combining Minors and Options
      • Review on 2/22/19 with Options (tentative)

    • Non-credit Coursework Policy – Prem Mathew is requesting review
      • 2/1/19 – subcommittee of P. Mathew, P. Diebel, R. Mathern, R. Garagnani, L. Shirley will draft a structure for the CC to review

    • Options – 5/9/2018 – Tabled until recommendations from Rebecca and Mina are brought forward for consideration – this likely won’t occur until Fall 2018s
      • Review on 2/22/2019 with, or after, Minors (tentative)

    • Standalone Undergraduate Certificates
      • 11/1/19 – Per R. Mathern – she and A. Gitelman will: draft a policy for CC members to request input from their respective colleges, recommend potential revisions to Academic Regulations and create a structure for moving certificate proposals through the system.

  • Undergraduate Academic Program Reviews
    • American Studies B.S. – this is an OSU-Cascades-only degree, and the site visit will take place at OSU Cascades April 21-23, 2019 – Reviewers: Candice Clark, Allen Thompson
    • Applied Economics – March 3-5
      • 11/8/19 –  Waiting on AP per M. Swift

    • Environmental Sciences B.S. (tentatively scheduled week of February 3-8 March 18-20, 2019 – APA is working on securing external reviewers) – Rebecca Mathern, Carol McKiel Terry Rooker
    • Music UAPR Action Plan – Michael Harte, Michele Swift – materials in secure site 
      • Action Plan – CC review on January 18 
      • 1/18/19 – sent back to unit with comments

    • Sociology B.A./B.S. – April 7-9, 2019 – Reviewers: Jeff Reimer, Carol McKiel  4/9/2019 – Report to APA 
    • Joint review for two undergraduate programs housed in the same department, aka Applied Economics – March 3-5, 2019 – Reviewers: Michael Harte, Michele Swift
      • B.S. Agricultural Business Management
      • B.S. Environmental Economics and Policy

    • Revised AP for Music per MS 11/8/19

  • Course Designators
    • AI Course Designator
      • 10/18/19 – Curriculum Council voted to send back for additional information to strengthen the proposal, more rationale for why a distinct course designator is needed, and to wait for the program proposal to make its way through the CPS so both the course designator and program proposal can be considered in conjunction.
        • 11/1/19 – C. McKiel will again advise the originator of the following Curric Cncl action: “The Curriculum Council is not rejecting the AI course designator, but would like to review the course designator in tandem with the new program proposal once it arrives in the CC system.”

  • Miscellaneous
    • Accreditation Standards
      • 11/1/19 – Registrar’s Office annually runs a credit-hour review report to identify discrepancies between a course’s hours and credits. Registrar requests that the CC members review the identified discrepancies. Following review, CC, members to decide if J. Bunnage from accreditation should come to a CC meeting to discuss the discrepancies and possible resolutions

    • Discuss review and approval of Ecampus proposals
    • Professional Degrees Workgroup appointed during 2/22/2019 CC meeting
      • Members: Gary Beach, Theresa Filtz, Lisa Ganio, Rosemary Garagnani, Rebecca Mathern, Ann Zweber

Note: blue, bolded text indicates dates items were approved or dispensed with.