Meeting Date: 
March 14, 2022
03/14/2022 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
Zoom Meeting

Anticipated absences: Arup Indra, Beth Rankin, Eric Skyllingstad


  1. Curricular Proposal Reviews
  • See Information Items below for instructions to access CIM.
  • For new courses and change courses, please remember to review Learning Outcomes in the proposal, as well as alignment with assessments.
    • The attached shaded proposals are those pending approval by the Curriculum Council co-chairs. The remaining proposals are included to indicate what is coming up.
  • College of Liberal Arts Key #18
    • See attached messages from Henri Jansen, College of Science, and John Edwards, College of Liberal Arts.

  1. 12:45 – How Does Honors College Curriculum Relate to the Larger OSU Curriculum? – Toni Doolen – Honors College Dean, Susan Jackson Rodgers – Honors College Associate Dean,  Viktor Bovbjerg, Honors College Council Chair
    • Honors College Learning Outcomes and Curricular Requirements
    • Honors degrees are jointly conferred degrees, so it differs from a double degree or dual major which is why it is called out separately on the registrar's website:
    • Because the Honors College is a degree-conferring college, there are unique and specific learning outcomes, which are delineated in the course catalog, as well as the website provided above. Toni copied Dr. Viktor Bovbjerg, who chairs the Faculty Senate Honors College Council (HCC), on the request to meet with the Curriculum Council since curricular structure, content, and degree requirements are overseen by the HCC as detailed in the HCC standing rules included below. 

Standing Rules:

The Honors College Council has jurisdiction over the policies and procedures of the Honors College and advises the Honors College Dean. The Honors College Council is responsible for admission and other academic requirements including degree requirements; criteria for selection of the members of the Honors Faculty; maintenance and regular assessment of program quality; and the curricular structure and content of the Honors College.

The Honors College Council consists of at least six current or former Honors College Faculty members and at least two Students, the students appointed from among the Honors College students.

Administration of the Honors College rests with the Dean, who shall be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Honors College Council.

  1. Matters Arising  

  1. Report from Registrar – Rebecca Mathern

  1. Report from Undergraduate Programs – Janice Nave-Abele

  1. Report from Co-Chairs – Ping-Hung Hsieh, Amy Koehlinger

Information Items:


  • 100/200-level vs. 300/400-level Learning Outcomes: this is based on Inara Scott’s concern on the BA233 and BA390 proposals.
  • Undergraduate Certificate Program’s Interdisciplinary Requirement – R. Mathern is preparing an undergraduate chart of minors and certificates to determine if they have been conflated. Likely ready on 2/14/2022.

Meeting Schedule

March 21-25 ~ Spring Break