Meeting Date: 
November 28, 2018
11/28/2018 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
128B Kidder Hall
Event Description: 

A PDF of the agenda can be found here.


Anticipated absence: Richard Nafshun
Remote participants: Andrew Ketsdever
Early departure: Mina Ossiander

1. Undergraduate Academic Program Reviews

  • Food Science and Technology Action Plan – John Bailey, Mina Ossiander
  • English Action Plan – Carol McKiel, Allen Thompson
    • The 2018 review materials related to the above Action Plans are in the Curriculum Council secure site. Instructions for accessing the site are in the message containing this agenda.

2. Curricular Policies and Procedures – Reviewing and Updating

3. Mental Wellbeing Resource Information
    Responses from Bonnie Hemrick to concerns expressed during the November 14 Curriculum Council meeting are linked.

4. Category I Proposal – Needs Reviewers

5. Category II Proposals  

  • The proposals in the attached file will be approved following the November 28, 2018 meeting.
  • The proposals in the attached file will be approved following the December 5, 2018 meeting.

6. Matters Arising

7. Report from Co-Chairs – Carol McKiel, Allen Thompson

8. Report from Academic Programs and Assessment – Gary Beach

Information Items:

  • Please advise Vickie at [email protected] if you’ll miss a meeting.
  • Curriculum Proposals – The Curriculum Proposal System can be found at To access Curriculum Council proposals, select Curriculum Council Chair in the ‘Review Group’ box, then click on ‘Search’ below the boxes; the proposals will be listed below the ‘Search’ button.



  • Cat I Proposals
    • MA/MS in Communication #99706 – Mina Ossiander, Terry Rooker
      • 10/23/18 GC returned to originator, who responded 11/9/18

    • Crop & Soil Science (Ecampus – expedited proposal)
    • Organic Agriculture #100609 Grad. Cert. – Michael Harte, John Schuna
      • Approved by B&FP; 4/25/18 – GC sent back; 5/2/18, 10/29/18

    • Biological and Ecological Engineering – MENG #99844 – Change Graduate Major – Wesley Brewer, Nick Fleury
    • Environmental Sciences B.S. – OSU-Cascades #99417 – needs reviewers

  • Policies
    • Hybrid Courses – G. Beach requested to revise based on 4/17/18 CC comments; req 4/26/18
    • Majors – 5/23/2018 - Action: Tabled - R. Mathern will resolve some of the CIM issues; needs to relate to Academic Regulations; CC will review after revised
      • Not approved in 2017-2018 ~VN

    • Minimum Class Size – 5/23/2018 – Action: R. Mathern and A. Thompson will work over the summer to create a more coherent policy
    • Minors - 5/23/2018 – Action: R. Mathern and M. Ossiander will review over the summer and propose combining Minors and Options
    • Options – 5/9/2018 – Tabled until recommendations from Rebecca and Mina are brought forward for consideration – this likely won’t occur until Fall 2018
    • Posthumous Degrees – 5/9/2018 – Tabled until R. Mathern takes this policy to the UEC for input; current policy stands
      • Action: R. Mathern will forward revised verbiage from the UEC to V. Nunnemaker, who will forward for review to the Graduate Council and deans of Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine.
        • 11/7/2018 – CC reviewed & suggested revisions; R. Mathern will present revised verbiage to the CC.

    • Slash Courses – 11/28/2018 discussion

  • Undergraduate Academic Program Reviews
    • Environmental Sciences B.S. (tentatively scheduled during the week of February 3-8 – APA is working on securing external reviewers)
      • Joint review for two undergraduate programs housed in the same department (tentatively scheduled during the week of March 3-8 – APA is working on securing external reviewers): Reviewers: Michael Harte, Michele Swift
        • B.S. Agricultural Business Management
        • B.S. Environmental Economics and Policy

      • Sociology B.A./B.S. (this can be held during Spring term if necessary) Reviewers: Jeff Reimer, Carol McKiel
      • American Studies B.S. – this is an OSU Cascades-only degree, and the site visit will take place at OSU Cascades (Spring term) – Reviewer: TBA
      • English Action Plan – Carol McKiel, Allen Thompson – discuss 11/28/2018
      • Food Science and Technology Action Plan – John Bailey, Mina Ossiander – discuss 11/28/2018

  • Course Designators

  • Miscellaneous
    • Discuss review and approval of Ecampus proposals

Meeting Schedule
December 5– 128B Kidder Hall