Meeting Date: 
October 3, 2018
10/03/2018 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
128B Kidder Hall
Event Description: 

A PDF of the agenda can be found here.


Anticipated absences: Allen Thompson

Proxy: Shannon Riggs, proxy for Alfonso Bradoch


1. Welcome, Introductions and Orientation

2. 12:30 – Curriculum Proposal System (CPS) Orientation – Cheryl Hagey

  • It may be helpful, particularly for the new members, to bring a laptop or some device on which you can access the CPS as Cheryl is describing how to access the system.

3. Category I Proposals – Reviewers Needed

4. 1:00 – Catalog Year Policy – Rebecca Mathern via phone

Rebecca will explain revisions to the below policy:

Course changes, program changes, and program deactivations go into effect the following catalog year. May 1 is the deadline for final approvals for proposals to change courses or to alter or end programs. Those changes approved after the May 1 deadline become effective the catalog year following the upcoming catalog year. For example, a change approved on May 15, 2020 becomes effective in the 2021-2022 catalog year. New courses and programs become effective the first term following their approval for which the seventh week of the current term has not yet begun, unless the specified start date of the course/program is later than the subsequent term.

5. Category II Proposals

  • The proposals in the attached file will be approved following the October 10, 2018 meeting. Please review the Curriculum Council proposals in the Curriculum Proposal System (CPS) – the purpose of this is to do a peer review of Category II proposals; all courses have already been approved by the relevant college representative. See Information Items below for instructions for accessing the CPS – Cheryl Hagey will also discuss CPS access during the October 3 meeting. 

6. Matters Arising

7. Report from Co-Chairs – Carol McKiel, Allen Thompson

8. Report from Faculty Affairs – Gary Beach

Information Items:

  • Please advise Vickie at [email protected] if you’ll miss a meeting. Curricular Proposals – The Curricular Proposal System can be found at To access Curriculum Council proposals, select the appropriate CC Rep in the ‘Review Group’ box, then click on ‘Search’ below the boxes; the proposals will be listed below the ‘Search’ button.


  • Cat I Proposals:
    • Arts, Media & Technology #103310 (New degree) – Prem Mathew, Tom Miller
      • HOLD until the ‘Canceled’ status is removed; HOLD removed 4/13/18
      • 4/25/18 – CC discussed and requested additional information
      • Tabled until 5/1/18 when additional information was requested.
      • 5/9/18 – new materials in the proposal included addition of 4-5 brand new courses; being held for submission of Cat IIs for new courses; someone will be invited to discuss the proposal

    • Crop & Soil Science (Ecampus – expedited proposal)
    • Organic Agriculture #100609 – Michael Harte, John Schuna
      • Approved by B&FP; 4/25/18 – GC sent back; 5/2/18 – GC sent back again

  • Policies
    • Hybrid Courses – G. Beach requested to revise based on 4/17/18 CC comments; req 4/26/18
    • Minimum Class Size – 5/23/2018 – Action: R. Mathern and A. Thompson will work over the summer to create a more coherent policy.
    • Minors - 5/23/2018 – Action: R. Mathern and M. Ossiander will review over the summer and propose combining Minors and Options. 
    • Options – 5/9/2018 – Tabled until recommendations from Rebecca and Mina are brought forward for consideration – this likely won’t occur until Fall 2018.
    • Posthumous Degrees – 5/9/2018 – Tabled until R. Mathern takes this policy to the UEC for input; current policy stands.
      • Action: R. Mathern will forward revised verbiage from the UEC to V. Nunnemaker, who will forward for review to the Graduate Council and deans of Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine.

  • Undergraduate Academic Program Review
    • 4/17/2018 – Economics – returned to unit with requests

  • Course Designators
    • AnRS – 5/9/2018 – Proposal tabled; J. Bailey to request a list of classes converted to AnRS; Dodi Reesman to meet with the CC to discuss this request on 6/12/18. Does this mean that all courses are moving to AnRS? Which courses stay as ANS and which will move to AnRS? John will forward his initial message to Dodi; Vickie will communicate with Dodi and copy Penny Diebel.
    • 6/12/2018 – Curriculum Council denied the course designator request as premature.

  • OP 6/12/2018 – Curriculum Council tabled until more information is available on the BS in Outdoor Products degree at Cascades

Meeting Schedule  
October 10 – 128B Kidder Hall
October 17 – 128B Kidder Hall
October 24 – 128B Kidder Hall
October 31 – 128B Kidder Hall