Meeting Date: 
November 20, 2023
11/20/2023 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm

Anticipated absences: Kerry Kincanon, Rebecca Mathern, Adam Vester

  1. Curricular Proposal Reviews
    • See Information Items below for instructions to access CIM.
    • For new courses and change courses, please remember to review Learning Outcomes in the proposal, as well as alignment with assessments.
    • The files containing proposals for review distributed by Jim Coakley are attached.
  1. Academic Unit Assessment Follow-up Discussion
    •  Identify five members to serve on the below undergraduate academic unit assessment follow-up reviews:
      • Agricultural Sciences: Horticulture, Crop & Soil Science
      • Liberal Arts: Economics, Ethnic Studies
      • Business: four design programs (counted as one review)
    • Per Alix: Commitment to participate involves – reading a brief self-study, 1-1.5 days during the on-site visit with external reviewers and participate in preparing the review report/recommendations. Expects reviews will occur during the end of Winter 2024 and beginning of Spring 2024.
    • It was noted that, previously, the Council reviewed and accepted (or not) the reports and had an opportunity to include comments – will this continue? Alix indicated she was committed to there being an action on recommendations. She would be willing to have Council participation if the Council members wish to review reports and provide recommendations.
      • Question: Does the Curriculum Council wish to review reports and have an opportunity to provide recommendations?
    • Question: Is the Council in favor of allowing ex-officio members to participate in the reviews?
  1. Report from Registrar – Rebecca Mathern
  1. Report from Curriculum Management – Janice Nave-Abele
  1. Report from Co-Chairs – Jim Coakley, Eric Ianni

Information Items:



  • Core Education Implementation – Alix Gitelman, McKenzie Huber
  • Academic Unit Assessment Process – Alix Gitelman


Meeting Schedule
November 27 ~12:45-1:45 PM
December 4 ~12:45-1:45 PM
December 11 ~12:45-1:45 P