Note: Complete proceedings of the meeting were recorded and are available at This written recap contains agenda attachments, votes associated with action items, and the Roll Call.

December 12, 2019

A PDF of the recap can be found here

    Mina Carson
    • There will be winter term eSET updates.
    • The Faculty Consultative Group has completed its report.
    • There have been five Baccalaureate Core listening sessions which have been exciting, productive and, at times, contentious.
    President Mina Carson announced the results of the President-Elect, Interinstitutional Faculty Senate and Executive Committee elections.
    • President-Elect – Selina Heppell
    • Interinstitutional Faculty Senate Senators
      • Susan Shaw (2-year term)
      • McKenzie Huber (3-year term)
    • Executive Committee
      • David Bernell
      • Justin Fleming (1-year term)
      • Shannon Riggs
      • Kate MacTavish
      • Erika McCalpine (OSU-Cascades representative)
    • Senator results – several apportionment units will need a run-off election.
    1. Curricular Proposals
      Michele Swift, Curriculum Council co-chair, presented for approval the following proposals:
      • Master’s Degree in History, MA/MS Options #104974 – New Degree Program Proposal
        • Approved by Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee, Graduate Council and Curriculum Council
        • No discussion
          • Action: Motion passed with 43 votes in favor, 1 dissenting vote and 0 abstentions.
      • Creative Writing #106904 – New Degree Program Proposal
        • Approved by Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee and Curriculum Council
        • No discussion
          • Action: Motion passed with 47 votes in favor, 2 dissenting votes and 1 abstention.
      • Molecular and Cellular Biology, MS, PhD #107612 – Suspension of an Academic Program
        • Approved by Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee, Graduate Council and Curriculum Council.
        • Senator Epps, Agricultural Sciences, questioned where the work will be done? Steph Bernell, Graduate School, responded that this program is housed in the Graduate School. Since no one affiliated with the program stepped up to lead, Graduate School faculty stepped up. Work is being done via different degree programs. Four listening sessions occurred to try to find a unit to pick it up, but no leadership emerged. The Graduate School is committed to funding students until they finish. They didn’t want to eliminate the program if someone will pick it up.
          • Action: Motion passed with 44 votes in favor, 3 dissenting votes and 4 abstentions.

The following proposals were approved by the Curriculum Council, but need no approval by the Faculty Senate:

  • Degree Program Changes –
    • Philosophy – BA, BS, Cred, HBA, HBS #108171 – Change undergraduate major
    • Public Policy – BS, Cred, HBS #107675 – Change undergraduate major
    • Environmental Sciences – MA, MS, PhD, PSM #107063 – Change graduate major
  • Minors/Options –
    • Actuarial Science #106801 – Change undergraduate minor
    • Botany #108134 – Change undergraduate minor
    • Environmental and Occupational Health #105792 – Change undergraduate minor
    • Rural Studies #107554 – Drop graduate minor
    • Adult and Higher Education #107350 – Change graduate minor
    • Guitar #106677 – New undergraduate minor
    • Organizational Leadership #107539 – New undergraduate minor
    • Crime and Justice #108135 – Change undergraduate option
    • Forest Operations Management #106555 – Change undergraduate option
  • Certificate
    • Peace Studies #106976 – Change undergraduate certificate
  1. Approval of Minutes
    • November 14, 2019
      • No discussion
        • Action: Motion to approve the November 14, 2019 minutes passed with 43 votes in favor, 0 dissenting votes and 5 abstentions.
    1. Faculty Consultative Group Recap
      Faculty Senate President Mina Carson recapped the recent Faculty Consultative Group (FCG) effort related to 4-H and Extension.
  1. OSU Board of Trustees Recap
    Mike Bailey, OSU Board of Trustees Faculty Member, recapped the October OSU Board of Trustees meeting.
    • PowerPoint
      • Jock Mills, Government Relations Director, gave his last report. The legislature is about to enter a 35-day short session. The OSU Capital Construction List included: OSU-Cascades Student Success Center, Arts & Education Complex (about 50% OSU Funds) and Cordley Hall Capital Renewal.
      • On December 13, the Board of Trustees will consider a candidate to be OSU’s next president; the Board of Trustees is in charge of the process. The meeting will include introduction of the candidate, and a reception in the MU Main Lounge will follow the introduction.
      • Presidential Search Profile – A lot of input was provided by the OSU community. He felt that the process succeeded.
        • Shout out to the search committee – 160 applications were narrowed down to 12, who were interviewed. The 26-member stakeholder group interviewed the final 4 candidates and made recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Shout out also to President Ray because he gave us 15 months to find his replacement – he didn’t quit or do anything to get fired.       
        • Bailey gave credit to the process compared to other institutions – he felt that it was done better than others.                 
  1. Outreach and Engagement Update
    Interim Vice Provost for the Division of University Outreach and Engagement and Director of the OSU Extension Service Anita Azarenko informed the Faculty Senate of changes in the Division of Outreach and Engagement. 
    • PowerPoint
      • Provost Feser is working on the position description for a new vice provost position.
      • The proposed name change for the unit is moving from Division for Outreach & Engagement to Division of Extension and Engagement.
        • From driving around the state, Azarenko heard many comments, including:
          • We are no longer prideful of this mission and Extension is treated as a sub-brand in lieu of being the third leg of the land grant stool.
      • Division leadership –
        • Robust Extension programming across the state in seven program areas.
        • Provide leadership in the scholarship of engagement.
        • Continue to serve and identify and springboard impactful engagement initiatives.
      • Extension is located in all 36 Oregon counties. There are 495 Extension employees, and about 300 are around the state.
      • Recommendation:
        • Move 4-H under the leadership of the Director of the Extension Service:
          • Access to broader disciplinary expertise and promotion/scholarship opportunities university-wide.
          • Centralize Extension’s primary youth-serving programs.
          • No effect on employment or tenure status, compensation, supervisor, work location.
          • One less administrative level and streamlined reporting.
          • Perceived lack of scholarly rigor if not associated with a college.
          • May lose some fundraising opportunities-grants, foundations.
          • Grant management.
    Dwaine Plaza, past OSU IFS Senator, recapped the November IFS meeting hosted by OHSU.
    • There was no new business.


Minutes prepared by Vickie Nunnemaker, Faculty Senate staff

Members Present:
Agricultural Sciences: Alix-Garcia (remote), Epps, Gwin, Heppell, Sanchez (remote), Sterns (remote)
Associated Faculty: Robbin Sim (v. Birky) (remote), Kayleen Eng (v. Bruce), Bunnage, Fleming, Gillies, McKnight, Riggs, Riney (remote), Signs, Trelstad, Viggiani (remote), Whiteside (remote), Yee (remote)
Business: Cluver (remote), LeMay (remote), Scott (remote), Swift
Cascades: Dahl (remote), McCalpine (remote), Witzke (remote)
Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: Watkins-Brandt (remote)
Education: Tevis (remote), Thompson (remote)
Engineering: Fronk (remote), Grimm (remote), Jensen (remote), Johnston, Mayaram (remote), David Blunck (v. Paasch)
Extension: Arispe (remote), Hein (remote), Johnson (remote)
Forestry: Creighton
Hatfield Marine Science Center: No senators present
Liberal Arts: Emerson (remote), Maes (remote), Shaw, Sheehan, Warner
Library: Lorente
Pharmacy: Zumach
Public Health & Human Sciences: Bethel (remote), Bovbjerg (remote), MacTavish, Mendez-Luck (remote)
Science: Bogley, Bruslind, Dick, Faridani, Gable, Jansen, Kayes (remote), McIntyre, van Zee
Student Affairs: Le (remote), Nakic, Dawn Snyder (v. Sanchez) (remote), Smith
Veterinary Medicine: No senators present

Members Absent:
Agricultural Sciences: Bohnert, Bolte, Cassidy, Field, Godwin, Mata-Gonzalez, Moyer, Mundt, Murthy, Velez
Associated Faculty: Davis-White Eyes, Gaines, Greenough, Milic, Pappas, Silbernagel, Vignos
Business: Bourne, Gerasymenko, Murnieks
Cascades: Reuter
Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences: Colwell, Dever, Ruggiero, Shiel, Zirbel
Education: No senators absent
Engineering: Kelly, Lee, Nembhard, Porter, Squires, Sweeney, Yeh
Extension: No senators absent
Forestry: Belart, Hatten, Schimleck
Hatfield Marine Science Center: Miller
Liberal Arts: Akins, Duncan, Edwards, Hammer, Lauer, Mize, Orosco, Roper, Shirazi, Trujillo
Library: No senators absent
Pharmacy: Linares
Public Health & Human Sciences: Bray, Khanna
Science: Giovannoni, Schellman, Thomann, Weis
Student Affairs: Alvarez-Cortez, Atebe, Bowling
Veterinary Medicine: Ackermann, Milovancev, Pastey

Ex-Officio members present:
Jon Dorbolo, Ed Feser, Selina Heppell, Dwaine Plaza, Ed Ray, Jane Waite

Non-Voting members present:
Mike Bailey, Michael Beachley

Tam Belknap (remote), Peter Betjemann, Marisa Chappell, Maureen Childers, Tiffany Gillis (remote), Alix Gitelman, David Goodrum (remote), Scott Heppell (remote), Jennifer Hill (remote), McKenzie Huber, Tammy Jennings (remote), Katherine McAlvage (remote), Janet Nishihara (remote), Susan Rodgers, Nicole von Germeten