The Elizabeth P. Ritchie Distinguished Professor Award is the University's highest teaching award. The late Elizabeth P. Ritchie, Oregon State University Library staff member, 1920 to 1944, bequeathed to the OSU Foundation $130,000 for student scholarships, faculty awards, and library material. The recipient will receive from the OSU Foundation a plaque and $2,500, and the recipient's department will receive a grant of $500 from the OSU Foundation. Use of these cash awards by the recipient and the department is not restricted except that it is to promote faculty development and the improvement of undergraduate instruction. A plaque listing the recipients and their departments has been provided by the Foundation and is located in the Valley Library.

List of Previous Recipients


  • The Elizabeth P. Ritchie Distinguished Professor Award encourages and recognizes outstanding contributions to undergraduate education. This is a campus-wide recognition, open to all teaching faculty.

Award Criteria

Selection criteria include:

  1. outstanding effectiveness as a teacher and adviser for undergraduate students;
  2. scholarly achievement and research, particularly that which is used to enrich undergraduate instruction;
  3. publications or other creative activities;
  4. professional leadership, honors, and awards

Nomination Process and Submission

Following the instructions completely will ensure consideration of the nomination.

The nominator shall submit the Cover Sheet, Nomination Form and the complete submission packet in one PDF via the Qualtrics Submission Form. Do not begin entering information on the Qualtrics form unless you are ready to submit the nomination – the form CANNOT be saved and finished at a later time. The submission packet will include evidence that the nominee meets the criteria, as well as (1) position description indicating breakdown of FTE allocation; (2) a clear summary of teaching evaluations for the past three years; (3) three letters of support*; and (4) the nominee’s vita.

* One letter shall be from a current or emeritus faculty member. The second shall be from a current or former student. The third may be from a faculty member, student, alumni, or other individual who can comment on the nominee’s qualifications. The letters of support each shall not exceed two single-sided pages using at least 12 pitch and 1" margins. Signatures on the letters must be included.

Please note, the nominator is not eligible to submit a letter of support.

The award criteria can be addressed on separate pages for each criteria or within the letters of support. Please be certain that the nomination materials, particularly the three letters, address the criteria.

When organizing the PDF for submission, please ensure that the cover sheet is on the first page, with the nomination form as the second page. Evidence of supporting criteria (if provided on separate pages) and letters of support must be attached in the order indicated above.

Additional information submitted with the nomination will not be considered; please include only requested information and refer to the guidelines when organizing submission packets.

Selection Process

Nominations will be reviewed and selected by the Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee and a member of the Advancement of Teaching Committee. Committee recommendations will be made on the basis of the information submitted; the committee does not solicit additional information. Nominees for this award may also be considered for nomination for the CASE U.S. Professor of the Year Award, which is presented by the Carnegie Foundation.

Nomination packets are due by Noon on April 12, 2023.