Meeting Date: 
November 28, 2017
11/28/2017 10:00 am to 11:00 am
109 Gilkey Hall
Event Description: 

A PDF of the agenda can be found here.

  1. Introduction
  1. Review committee charge, questions about our purview?
    • FEWRC web page:
    • The Faculty Economic Welfare and Retirement Committee formulates statements of policy and advises on programs which affect the economic benefits of both active and retired faculty. Matters related to salaries, healthcare insurance, Tax Deferred Investment programs, retirement programs, retirement benefits, family and child care resources, and optional welfare insurance are all within the purview of this committee. When appropriate, recommendations and findings are made to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and to the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate. The Committee shall also formulate recommendations to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee for possible submission to the State Board of Higher Education for amendments to the retirement system and alternative group health and welfare insurance.
           The Committee consists of nine faculty, including at least one professional faculty; two or three shall be retired faculty. In addition, the OSU Employee Benefits Manager shall be an ex-officio, non-voting member.
    • Add flexibility to the membership guideline by changing “two or three shall be retired faculty” to “up to may be retired faculty”?
  1. Notes from FEWRC committee chair’s meeting with Bob Mason, Faculty Senate President
    • Thank you for your service!
    • Important impact as a result of our work on the child-care issue from last year
  1. FEWRC is asked to consider merging with the OSU Faculty Status committee.
    • The Faculty Status Committee serves to protect the rights of all faculty, including teaching and research faculty, professional faculty, instructors, courtesy appointees and adjuncts. It examines existing policies and processes relevant to academic freedom, shared governance, appointments, reappointments, decisions not to reappoint, promotions, the granting of tenure, termination, and procedures for review, appeals, and other grievances associated with employment. The committee makes recommendations to the OSU Faculty Senate, works collaboratively with other faculty-oriented committees, and represents faculty rights on task forces.
           The chair of the Faculty Status Committee serves as a representative on the Faculty Consultative Group. Generally, the full Committee meets quarterly; subcommittees may meet more frequently depending on the nature of issues under consideration. The Committee is composed of nine Faculty members representing the broad spectrum of faculty appointments as identified in the OSU Faculty Senate Bylaws.
    • Should we have a rep from that committee come to talk about the advantages/disadvantages?
  1. Future FEWRC meetings?
    • Have Sherm Bloomer/Susan Capalbo come to learn what progress has occurred or what future plans for reaching equity with peers on salary levels and compression? (OK State U Report)
    • Donna Chastain discuss status of any PERS reform proposals and impact on compensation?
    • Representative from child care committee?
    • Are there topics of arising interest to the committee?