At the request of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee the OSU Faculty Senate convened a Faculty Forum on Monday November 6, 2017. in order to facilitate information and discussion on the topics of United Academics Unionizing at Oregon State University. The Faculty Forum was open to all OSU faculty and interested parties. The forum was be streamed live and open to the public.

Faculty Union Annotated Bibliography

A registration link was published to which 96 individuals responded and provided comments. At the midpoint of the forum 71 people were in the room. The live web stream had 150 unique viewers.    

Announcements of the Faculty Forum were published in OSU Today and sent to all faculty by email.

The Forum was Chaired by Faculty Senate Elect Jon Dorbolo who prepared a bibliography on faculty unionization.

The Faculty Senate Bylaws stipulate that Faculty Forum meetings are public and open to participation.

The Oregon State Public Meetings Law and Public Records Law (Oregon Laws 1973, CHS 172, 794; ORS CH 192) apply to meetings of the Faculty Senate (Article X, Sec. 1).

All Faculty members, regardless of rank, may participate as members of the Faculty Forum (Article XIV, Sec. 3).