The Office of Faculty Affairs is updating the OSU Faculty Handbook, a task that has not been done for many years. OFA is working with the Faculty Senate through a Faculty Handbook Revision Committee and with input from Faculty Senators and constituents. We are interested in faculty feedback as revisions are drafted. The OFA and Vice Provost Settersten are providing regular updates on the revision process at our monthly Faculty Senate meetings and in the Faculty Senate Newsletter.

We will use a Qualtrics form to gather feedback on the Handbook revisions, which can be downloaded in full from the website below. As new updates are drafted, we will add them to the survey as individual file links, as well, to facilitate review and comment. Feel free to share the link with your constituents, emphasizing that posted files should be considered drafts,

The Faculty Handbook Revision Committee was charged by Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Rick Settersten. Membership includes:

  • Bob Mason, Chair and Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Development Sara
  • Daly – Office of Faculty Affairs Selina Heppell – Faculty Senate Past President
  • Erica McCalpine – Faculty Senate President Vickie Nunnemaker – Faculty Senate Office
  • Ron Reuter – Chair, Faculty Senate Promotion & Tenure Committee
  • Rick Settersten, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Sections for which comments are currently being accepted:

Sections currently under review:

  • Professor of Teaching
  • Professional Advisors

Sections coming up:

  • PTIE – Innovation and Entrepreneurship – expansion of research and scholarship, teaching and service to include I&E work
  • DEI work
  • Gendered titles – professors emerit