The Faculty Sabbatical Housing List is intended to: 1) provide the faculty, staff and students of Oregon State University a vehicle to rent their private, primary residences when there is a need to do so as a result of employment/academic decisions that create such a need; and 2) to assist incoming OSU employees and students in locating housing. It is intended solely for this purpose. Examples of employment decisions that might create the need for an individual to rent their private, primary residence for a limited duration would be a sabbatical leave or the decision by a student to study in a location other than Corvallis for a short period of time. This is a benefit provided by the university for internal use and may only be used for its stated purpose.

The Faculty Sabbatical Housing List contains rental, exchange, housing needed, and house sitting listings. Rental listings are categorized by number of bedrooms. Blank forms for the above categories are also available and may be printed, completed and sent to the address listed on the form; signatures are required. Only information requested on the forms will be included on the listing.