The Faculty Senate of Oregon State University, within the framework of legislation providing for Land-Grant Institutions and the Oregon State University Board of Trustees, on behalf of the Faculty: determines and establishes the purposes of Oregon State University, formulates and evaluates policies and activities in harmony with these purposes; assumes responsibility for the creation, maintenance, and protection of a University environment conducive to the full and free development and preservation of scholarly learning, teaching and research; and provides the means by which the administration may be apprised of representative opinion of the entire Faculty.

The Faculty Senate has legislative responsibility with respect to academic policies, educational standards, curricula, and academic regulations; studies and prepares recommendations to the President of Oregon State University concerning the welfare of the Faculty; provides means through which any matter of general interest to the Faculty or pertaining to the institution and its purpose may be brought to the Faculty Senate for discussion and appropriate action. The mission of the Faculty Senate also is carried out through a number of committees and councils that report to the Senate.

The Faculty Senate is the representative of the entire Faculty of Oregon State University and has both the authority and responsibility to act for and on behalf of the Faculty in all matters stated above.

From Oregon State University Bylaws of the Faculty Senate

Statement of Vision

The vision for the Oregon State University Faculty Senate continues to be one of providing safeguards for faculty in the areas of academic freedom; to ensure that faculty have a role in providing input in program development, reduction or redirection; to continue to strive for shared governance in the areas that directly affect faculty; and to continue to provide formal recommendations on areas that affect faculty. It is the vision of the leaders of this organization that the Senate will continue to be involved with substantial issues that are of concern to Oregon State and its faculty and that, through continued participation, members of the Faculty will become involved in the important issues that face higher education.